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MCUP Untouched Pacific Islands Tour

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MCSP South Pacific Explorer Tour

24 days from Guam to Apia

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More About Fiji

Our Fiji tours are the perfect means to explore what lies beyond the island nation's stunning beaches and natural wonder. In the middle of the South Pacific lies an archipelago where gardens are in perpetual bloom, the seas remain calm, and the people are always friendly. It's no wonder that Fiji has earned a positive reputation as a tropical paradise with coral reefs and idyllic beaches that are postcard perfect. But beyond the natural wonders, Fiji is also a country with a fascinating mix of cultures and our Fiji cultural tours are just the way to explore how this island in relation to others in the South Pacific differ.

Of the more than 300 islands that constitute the archipelago of Fiji, only about 110 are inhabited, with over 80 per cent of the total population residing on one of the two main islands, Viti Levu and Vanua Levu. Seventy percent of the population live on Viti Levu, Fiji's largest island, therefore making this the port of entry a hub for most who come to explore Fiji. Comparable in size to the Big Island of Hawaii, in the realm of the Pacific Islands, it is exceeded in size only by New Caledonia.

Nadi, Fiji serves as a transit point for most travellers but the town of Nadi was established in 1947 as a "Government Station" on the higher grounds of Nadi. Pronounced "Nandy", Fijian culture is evident immediately on arrival. The island is composed of a large tapestry of the communities, made up of ethnic groups such as the Melanesian Fijians, as well as immigrants from Chinese, Indian, and European backgrounds. Indian immigrants make up roughly one third of the Fijian population.

A highlight of the Fiji cultural tours, is to learn more about the indigenous population. Fijians within a hierarchy system over tribes, with family and the village being of utmost importance. Villages have kept many traditions alive, including the creation of crafts. Women within villages are skilled in weaving, with pandanus tree mats being used as gifts for weddings and other ceremonies. Basket weaving and coconut rope weaving is also still practiced, however, is used more functionally within everyday lives. While historically carving was of great importance to the seafaring Fijians, it lately has become something kept up for mostly touristic purposes. The most important craft of all is the Tapa, a decorative mat that is made from the bark of a mulberry tree. The tapa cloth as a craft is found across much of the South Pacific Islands, and is decorated in charcoal in intricate patterns to be used as a formal gift.

Without a doubt, the ceremony of the kava still remains visible in Fijian culture. Made from the roots of a plant, kava is thought to have sedative and euphoric traits. While drinking kava does appear in other South Pacific Island, Fiji cultural tours allow one to experience the unique style in consuming the kava. While in the ceremony, it is important to clap once, clasp the hands, take the cup, and drink the kava entirely with a single drink before returning the cup. Originally, this was only used in formal ceremonies, but kava has become a social drink that is known to strengthen ties between communities and friends alike.

Between the cosmopolitan cities of Nadi and Suva, is a garden-like country with an incredible amount of beauty as well as a strong heritage that makes Fiji a unique cultural destination within the islands of the South Pacific.


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