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BT1 Bhutan Tour

15 days from Bangkok to Bangkok

While cliches abound in describing Bhutan as the last Shangri-La, it's still surprisingly true, as the most hardened traveller will discover on our…

HH1 Highlights Of Himalaya Tour

23 days from Delhi to Lhasa

On our Highlights of Himalaya tour you'll discover mystery, beauty, and tradition are ingrained into the great lands of the Himalaya. Tibet is…


More About Bhutan

Once a land cut off from the rest of the world for centuries, Bhutan is a country set amongst the mighty Himalaya with incredible vistas and an interesting culture still present in everyday life. While cliches and comparisons of this Shangri-La often dominate the descriptions of Bhutan, this is indeed a country with stunning countryside, peaceful farms, and monasteries that are perched thousands of feet above the valleys below.

For centuries the towering Himalaya Mountains made Bhutan nearly impossible to reach, effectively closing it off from outside influence. What became known as the Dragon Kingdom had centuries to create its own unique traditions in a serene environment, like nowhere else on Earth.

The Kingdom has decidedly different ways of looking at life, from the 'National Happiness' index that measures the success of its people by their joy to the limited number of visitors it allows in order to maintain its authenticity, a journey on our Bhutan tours is surely one never to be forgotten.

Thimphu, the capital, is a small developing city that remains easy to walk around and explore. A stronghold of traditional Bhutanese art, architecture and culture, the friendly folk that call Bhutan home are found throughout the little cafes, bookshops and handicraft shops that are lined along Thimphu streets.

The weekend market is the place to be starting Friday night, with locals buying or selling everything ranging from dried chilies and yak butter to textiles and bamboo products. Traditional crafts and textiles on display in the Folk Museum are remarkably similar to the styles still produced for the markets today.

Like most areas visited on our Bhutan tours, some of the best vistas are from the ancient monasteries such as the 12th century Changangkha Monastery which offers a bird's eye view of the valley. Out of the capital, the most impressive views and monastery is found at the legendary Tiger's Nest Monastery.

Tiger's Nest Monastery, also known as Paro Takstang, is one of Bhutan's most recognized spots with a small collection of buildings precariously perched on a cliff, 900 meters off of the ground. It is stunning in its beauty and location.

Far from the only places of Buddhist worship, monasteries are found across the country as are dzongs, a fortified and monastic building with an architectural style similar to that found in Tibet. Buddhism was introduced into Bhutan by the Guru Padmasambhava, who was invited into Bhutan by a local king of Bumthang.

For this reason, Bumthang is considered the cultural heart of the country and is dotted with monasteries, historic sites and a religious festival known as Nalakhar Festival, which is celebrated to bring happiness and prosperity to the village and the country as a whole. It is also a symbolic prayer for good harvest and for the well being of everyone.

With mountains that soar high into the sky, appearing almost limitless in their grandeur, to the valleys that are lined with a verdant green of rice paddies, Bhutan tours offer a place where time moves slowly and thoughtfully. No traffic jams, no hustle and bustle, just incredible beauty within a magnificent country.


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