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Somewhere between the clash of a rich prehistoric culture and that of a thriving urban centre is a region quite unlike anywhere in the world. Our…


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Bahrain tours are a popular choice for our travellers for a comprehensive overview of the Middle East. What was once a pearl farming community, frequently called the Pearl of the Arabian Gulf, Bahrain is now an archipelago of 33 low-lying islands located in the heart of the Gulf, and an exciting blend of ancient and modern. This is a place where modern skyscrapers share the landscape with majestic mosques, embodiments of Islamic art, culture and architecture.

Rich in history, Bahrain tours showcase a country which was once part of the ancient civilization of Dilmun and served as an important link in trade routes between Sumeria and the Indus Valley as long as 5,000 years ago. Archeologists find Bahrain complete with what may be the largest prehistoric cemetery in the world, the A'ali Burial Mounds, with approximately 170,000 burial mounds dating from between 3000 BC and AD 600.

Bahrain tours take in a stop at the Bahrain Fort where the first dwellings on the site are believed to have been constructed around 2,800 BC. Overtime, the fort has been subsequently overlaid by numerous other fortified settlements including the last constructions from the early 16th century to defend Portugal's recent acquisition of the islands.

The Portuguese ruled for about 80 years in the 16th century, before both the Persians and the Omanis returned to the islands to conquer along with ruling influences and invasions from groups from Qatar and the Al Sauds family until the late 19th century. Vulnerable due to its geographic position and seeking protection from possible sea and land invasions, the ruling group of Bahrain sought British support in the 19th century causing the nation to remain a protectorate of Britain until 1971.

Other than the legacy of discovering oil, little British influences remain. From the oil wealth, cities like Manama have become a modern capital, with a Manhattan-style skyline and a built up coastline that has been reclaimed from the sea. Beyond the glass skyscrapers are historic houses showcasing local architecture such as in the old town of Muharraq at the Shaikh Isa House. A notable feature includes the wind tower, constructed above the house and open on all four sides to serve as one of the early forms of air conditioning during the blistering hot summers. Throughout the old towns for Manama and Muharraq it is possible to see many wind towers with beautiful wall carvings and latticework, that are representative of traditional 19th century life.

Traditional life comes alive with a stop at the Old Souk, with its profusion of colours, sounds, and aromas. The souk lies in the centre of the old town, near the archway of Bab al-Bahrain. All wares are sold, from cloth of different colours and textures to gold and jewellery as well as the traditional array of spices and local produce.

Local daily life for many Bahrainians centres around the mosque and its prominent role in society. After the time of Muhammed Bahrain, like many countries within the Arabian Gulf, became an Islamic country. Across the country beautiful mosques have been erected with Al Fatih Grand Mosque being Bahrain's largest mosque and a magnificent piece of architecture.

Bahrain tours offer a chance to see fantastic charms familiar to those who have visited other countries in the Arabian Gulf, but striking contrasts with few other tourists to complete with which ensures a better understanding of the region as well as Bahrain and its idiosyncrasies.


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