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AL1 Albania & Macedonia Tour

14 days from Tirana to Skopje

Discerning travellers will be thrilled with this, one of our more comprehensive Albania and Macedonia tours, featuring two UNESCO World Heritage…

BK1 Balkan Explorer Tour

19 days from Belgrade to Sarajevo

Our Balkan Explorer Tour is a a very special tour designed by one of our senior Tour Leaders. We will visit seven Balkan countries in this 19-day…

AD6 The Adriatic, Albania & Macedonia Tour

30 days from Ljubljana to Skopje

Our Adriatic, Albania & Macedonia Tour begins in Slovenia, past glacial lakes, lush green valleys and majestic mountain ranges, and venture through…


More About Albania

Albania tours: with the tranquil waves of the Adriatic and Ionian Seas lapping on its over-300kms of coastline, the heavily-mountainous Albania is a country with a torrid history and a promising future.

The precise origin of the Albanian people remains a subject of contention, but most now accept the supposition that they were among the earliest inhabitants of southeastern Europe.

The roots of the Albanians themselves may well be yet something of a mystery, but the creation and history of their small nation is well documented and is highly relevant to understanding and appreciating the modern face of this special destination on our Albania tours.

Only recently has Albania become accessible. In ages past, the territory that is now Albania was invaded, plundered and re-invaded countless times by a host of foreign powers. Among those who had a lasting influence on the country were the great Roman and Byzantine Empires, but Goths, Visigoths, Huns, Bulgars and Turks all ventured into the borders of Albania at various points in history, more often than not bringing with them destruction and persecution.

Few other peoples have endured such perpetual torment over the years and the Albanians' ability to keep their traditions and language alive throughout the onslaughts speaks volumes about their nature. Perhaps it is not surprising, then, that in more recent history, authorities in Albania effectively shut the doors on the Western World and Albania became isolated until its communist regime collapsed in the 1990s.

Only then were the Albania borders re-opened to the outside world. Albania today is a country under reconstruction, a nation in the throes of trying to adapt to a democratic system and a country still licking its wounds after a volatile past. A tour to Albania is a tour to a beautiful nation with a plethora of sights and attractions and a proud, unique and welcoming people.

Albania tours reveal an enigmatic country boasting some wonderful Greco-Roman sites and a distinct culture politically isolated from mainstream European society for generations. The mountain scenery is also spectacular, with small villages and remote valleys that have been cultivated for centuries. This country is a living museum; visit before it is discovered by mass tourism.

With its fascinating history, along with its hitherto inaccessibility, Albania is truly a distinctive destination and well worth a visit. Call our Destination Specialists to find out more about our Albania tours.


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