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Escape the beaten path Visit the must-see highlights then discover little-known attractions most tourists never hear about.
All-inclusive comfort Get more value with all-inclusive trips featuring top-rated restaurants and hotels.
Expert local guides Discover the country's true culture with the help of experienced local guides
Keep you Safe Rest assured your safety and health are in our capable hands with the World Travel and Tourism Council’s Safe Travels stamp of recognition.
Small Group Size Typically featuring a modest group of a dozen like-minded travelers, we have a maximum threshold of 16-18 in order to ensure that extra personal attention.
Tour Leaders Simply the best in the business, our leaders exude professionalism, knowledge, and enthusiasm.
As we welcome in 2024, Adventures Abroad is gearing up to celebrate its 37th anniversary. We’ve taken great pride in building up this company from humble beginnings in a basement suite in Vancouver, British Columbia. Over the years we have seen a great number of changes - technology has come ahead by leaps and bounds since the late ’80’s, while the concept of small group experiential travel has become more commonplace within an industry once dominated by big coach tours. The style of travel and technology continues to evolve, hand in hand, as the modern traveller has had an increasingly greater access to choice of how to explore the world through the power of the internet. The competition to cater to the demand for travel is high and now comes in many different forms.

Adventures Abroad has proven to be a true industry leader in travel over the years for several fundamental reasons. Over the course of our operations, we have had tens of thousands of travellers join us for adventures to over 175 countries. We stay true to our promise to deliver experiential, small group tours and to stay ahead of our competition through ground-breaking and unique itineraries. We continue to strive to improve our product lines and our systems through feedback from you, our valued clients. And, as a proud family-owned business, we have cultivated one of our top resources - our Adventures Abroad team - who, collectively, have an enormous number of years of experience in the industry.

On a philosophical level, travel is one of the most rewarding of industries to operate in. Since 1987, Adventures Abroad has dedicated itself to providing lasting memories and life-changing experiences for our travellers. Exploring the world and meeting new people and experiencing new cultures allows us to expand our comfort zone and as we grow into that new comfort we, ourselves, grow as individuals.

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to provide it.

Quality Our accommodations, local guides, pre-departure service and suppliers are constantly monitored and consistently evaluated to ensure we uphold the standard of excellence our valued clientele has come to expect. Moreover, our sensitivity to traveller suggestions, requirements and safety are but a few reasons that clients return to book with us year after year.
Flexibility As afforded by our 'module system,' our small groups can venture beyond the well-worn tourist paths and experience a destination's less publicized but equally rewarding attractions. Our itineraries are creative and responsive, with departures set for the best times to travel and sufficient scope to accommodate for unplanned events.
Experience Travel is what we love and travel is what we know. The expertise that stems from the staggering number of years of travel experience among our office staff and Tour Leaders shines through in our tours and serves as a lynchpin in our successful operations.
Small Groups Limiting our groups to no more than 18 participants plus one Adventures Abroad Tour Leader means we can maximize cultural immersion while minimizing environmental disruption. Also, as food plays an important role in the local cultural experience, we take advantage of our diminutive group size and secure bookings in smaller, local restaurants.
Value Since we design, develop and manage our own tours, no one is more familiar with the intricacies of our product than us. When you book with us, you take advantage of this first-hand knowledge and our extensive network of worldwide contacts; you're in good hands with Adventures Abroad.
President’s Message and Our Principles of Travel
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What People are Saying
Elaine D.
Coupeville, WA - US
TOUR PACKAGE: Argentina & Chile Tour
Torres del Paine and our local tour guide were great. Also, I really was amazed at our guide's knowledge while visiting Perito Moreno glacier. Seeing it calve was fantastic. The hotels were all very good. Our tour leader was very easygoing but always aware and on top of things. His great sense of humor helps to diffuse any bumps in relations. Truly value his experience and great natural way with people. I would recommend this company and tour to anyone!
Michael N.
St Albert, AB - CA
TOUR PACKAGE: Northern Italy For Less! Tour
We tried to plan a trip to Italy for several years and this tour exceeded our expectations. We never felt rushed yet we covered a lot of the major sites and museums and still had time to do a few of our own things Our tour guide Andrew was amazing and we would highly recommend him and this tour. November turned out to be a wonderful time to go because, although it did rain and was cloudy,the museums and many sites were not crowded at all. Our local guide at the Uffuzi gallery in Florence was amazed that there were so few people. He told us that he had never been in the gallery that holds the Michelangelo painting by himself.. ever! Italy is an amazing country to visit and this tour covers the highlights with a fantastic guide, delicious food and charming hotels, all arranged for you.
Alan A.
St Agatha, ON - CA
TOUR PACKAGE: Central Mexico Tour
An insightful trip into a major cultural event, Day of the Dead. As well you visit significant archeological sites and churches. If you have any interest in Mexican culture, beyond beaches and tequila, this is the trip for you. You will gain so much knowledge of the history and struggles of the Mexican people. I can't recommend this trip enough.
Eleanora M.
Kingston, ON - CA
TOUR PACKAGE: Western Turkey Tour
Having a narrow and perhaps stereotypical view, influenced by the media. I was blown away by what I experienced:Turkey is a beautiful country with modern, safe cities,dramatic scenery, spectacular mosques and palaces, amazing well-preserved ruins of Greek and Roman antiquity. A melting pot of Muslim, European, Greek, Roman cultures, fabulous food and warm friendly people... so many World heritage sites I would encourage others to visit Turkey.
Arleen C.
Sagamore Hills, OH - US
TOUR PACKAGE: Paraguay, Northwest Argentina & Uruguay Tour
I had been searching for several years for a tour that included Paraguay and was delighted to find this one. The mission visits were excellent, in terms of both the sites and the explanations. The Pipore Yerba Mate tour was terrific and I loved our guide there. Iguazu Falls was spectacular and again, we had a very good guide. Our trip to Purmamarca was surprising and very good. The buses and vans were very good. The hydrofoil trip was good also. All the dinners were wonderful, with excellent food and in lovely locations. The hotels were very good. Overall it was an excellent tour, with many interesting destinations.
Erle J.
Gloucester, ON - CA
TOUR PACKAGE: Paraguay, Northwest Argentina & Uruguay Tour
A good tour with lots of interesting sites and spectacular scenery. I really learned a lot about these 3 countries and Latin America. I most enjoyed the Jesuit Missions, Iguazu Falls, and the Safari to the Clouds. All the hotels were very good. Meals on the tour were very good. I really liked our tour leader ordering appetizers to be shared which allowed me to try more local foods. Local Guides were either very good or excellent.
Merle H.
Glenview, IL - US
TOUR PACKAGE: Microstates Of Europe Tour
We loved the whole trip and the surprises of touring in between trains. Also some of the little towns for lunch were a delight. The food on this trip was exceptionally great. All the meal choices and ordering off the menu was perfect. Our tour leader ordered tapas for us and a few planned meals were great too. If we hadn't walked as much as we did, we would have gained weight. The best thing was that all the hotels were centrally located and we could walk easily to highlight places and good restaurants. Perfect. You did an outstanding job selecting these hotels. Loved the train (and dashing for two of them). Had never done train travel before and the stations and facilities were mind blowing. First class seats were really nice. Love your guides and quality of local guides. Love AA.
Linda R.
Thunder Bay, ON - CA
TOUR PACKAGE: Ireland Tour
We enjoyed the scenic west coast of Ireland the most. In particular, Killarney, Dingle peninsula, Cliffs of Moher, Aran Islands. Also the Giant's Causeway. The local guides in Dublin, Londonderry and Belfast were very good. We had a small van for our small group and it worked out very well. The meals were tasty and substantial. There was generally a good variety of selections. A very good tour.
Vera G.
Victoria, BC - CA
TOUR PACKAGE: Ireland Tour
I loved the Ring of Kerry, Dingle Peninsula and Aran Islands. Belfast, Dublin and Killarney were the best cities. The hotels were good and well located. Hotel staff were excellent and rooms were clean and comfortable. Another great Adventures Abroad trip! You never disappoint!
Steven H.
Vancouver, BC - CA
By-and-large the sights, locales, neighbourhoods, etc were extremely interesting. The bus was great! A good size for the group size. It gave us a good sense of a 'home-on-the-road'. I didn't know what to expect for meals and was very pleased with what was presented. Our tour leader, Subash's, knowledge of 'everything Indian', the customs, sights, culture, etc was inexhaustible. He was the perfect person to introduce us to the culture, people, sights and history of India. His insights into the Hindu philosophy were deep, informative and colourful. I consider myself luck to have had him as our guide (almost a mentor). I felt that the quality of the hotels were very good and more often than not, higher than expected. The uniqueness of the two 'Orchard' settings and the desert 'camp' tents were quite fun and very comfortable. Overall: Highly Enjoyable, Very Well Managed, Well thought out Itinerary, Excellent Tour Guide.
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