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RBYA Yukon & Alaska Tour With Rachel Bertsch

12 days from Whitehorse to Whitehorse

This Yukon & Alaska Tour was designed by, and will be led by, senior Tour Leader, Rachel Bertsch-Kristensen, who resides in Canada's North. She…

MCUP Untouched Pacific Islands Tour

19 days from Honolulu to Auckland

When it comes to tourism, there are always those countries that get most of the fame. There are those destinations that top the list of the 'most…

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More About United States

If you are contemplating taking one of our United States tours, imagine the United States 500 years ago. What would you envision? Vast wilderness, a rugged landscape inhabited by tall and intimidating creatures such as bears and wolves? Pristine rivers and lakes, dotting a landscape covered in soaring pine trees and dense forests for as far as the eye can see? Rocky peaks that peering from endless ridgelines of mountain ranges, untamed by humans?

What you are picturing is how Alaska is now. With our United States tours, we embark on journeys to the wilds of Alaska and beyond. By capping each group size at 18 people, each member of the group can hear the guide clearly and ask questions when needed.

Our United States tours are filled with folks who are passionate about travel and learning equally. Each tour is presented as a thoughtful and intellectual look at each region that goes beyond the highlights and digs deeper into the cultural and historical connections of each place.

This means understanding history that ranges from the Indigenous cultures that have lived in North America for thousands of years, the start of European trading, the colonization of the country, and the boom and bust of the gold rush years into modern times.

Safely stroll the beautiful nature trails, and discover small towns with a knowledgeable local who infuses tours with information about cultural customs, relevant history, and personality, while showing you their country.

We will journey between destinations on reliable local coach transport, classic sternwheelers, and scenic cruises that will keep you comfortable and on time. Each day we will employ a fun way to discover our surroundings with ample time in museums or galleries, at vistas, with wildlife interpreters, in real villages, and with the quirky characters that make up this unique region in America.

Well-paced schedules include a variety to seek out the very best of each community. Our no-shopping policy means that time isn't wasted in high-pressure sales environments, but we still include unique markets to showcase local crafts that are culturally relevant.

Meal times often induce much excitement on our United States tours. Each night we'll gather to feast as the locals do, tasting authentic and regional food prepared with the highest of standards. Perhaps you'll try a salmon bake, a fine rack of BBQ ribs, or fine fresh fish almost straight from the fisherman's rod.

After meals, we will retire in hotels that are well-placed to take advantage of the evening cultural experiences. Our comfortable hotels provide the perfect places to relax, reflect, or set out for your own explorations in your down time.

Along with exploring the true highlights of each community, our United States tours offer the chance to get off the beaten path with the full support of an experienced tour leader, a local expert, and a company with over 25 years experience. Each day is filled with an unrivalled learning experience while exploring a wild portion of the country that has inspired generations of intellectuals and artists.


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