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BW7 Botswana Safari Tour

13 days from Cape Town to Victoria Falls

SA1 South Africa Tour

14 days from Johannesburg to Cape Town

When we think of Africa, we think of safari and Kruger National Park is a destination that enjoys worldwide acclaim for providing just that. This…

SA2 Southern Africa Tour

18 days from Johannesburg to Cape Town

Landing in the vibrant cultural melting pot of Johannesburg in South Africa, we begin our journey through Southern Africa by extensively touring the…

SA9 Southern Africa Tour

21 days from Maun to Cape Town

This is a carbon copy of our flagship Southern Africa tour (SA2) with an exciting and luxurious pre-trip extension to Botswana's Okavango Delta…

JHMZ Mozambique, Malawi & Zambia Tour

21 days from Maputo to Lilongwe

This tour will be led by senior Tour Leader, Jonathan Hodgson. Join our first Mozambique, Malawi & Zambia adventure and experience places where…

SA5 South Africa & Namibia Tour

25 days from Johannesburg to Windhoek

We will be touching down in the capital of South Africa -- Johannesburg -- and traces of its history stand out at every turn of the corner. The area…

TZ3 Tanzania & Southern Africa Tour

26 days from Nairobi to Cape Town

Nairobi, the capital of Kenya, is our first port of call on this 24-day explorative adventure through Tanzania and Southern Africa and we take time…

SA8 Southern Africa & Kenya Tour

26 days from Johannesburg to Nairobi

One of the world's most dynamic and exciting cities in the world awaits us as we touch down in Johannesburg, South Africa. Having been completely…

SA3 Southern Africa & Namibia Tour

29 days from Johannesburg to Windhoek

This exciting tour through five Southern African countries kicks off in Johannesburg, a remarkable city of contrasts known as 'The City of Gold',…

SA4 Southern Africa, Kenya & Tanzania Tour

32 days from Johannesburg to Arusha

Touching down in the gold capital of the world, Johannesburg in South Africa, we visit a wide array of historic sites of note and learn about the…

AF1 Southern African Circuit Tour

32 days from Johannesburg to Maun

The bustling streets of cosmopolitan Johannesburg serve as the perfect introduction to our tour through the lands and cultures of the African south,…

KT3 Kenya, Tanzania & Southern Africa Tour

33 days from Nairobi to Cape Town

Nairobi, Kenya, is our entry point for this adventure through Africa and we take time to enjoy its pleasant mix of colonial British and modern and…

SA7 Southern Africa & East Africa Tour

37 days from Johannesburg to Zanzibar

We spend over a month exploring the bounties of Southern and Eastern Africa on this 37-day tour into the heart and soul of this incredible continent,…


More About South Africa

South Africa Group Tours to explore a travel destination that offers something for everyone. South Africa group tours are a chance to indulge in nature, culture, and history in a surprisingly comfortable way. Spot wild and exotic animals in natural habitats on game drives. Sip your way through wine valleys that have earned their place among the top regions of the world. Or explore cosmopolitan cities with rewarding museums which highlight local events that have shaped the world. One thing is for certain on our South Africa trips for seniors, you won't be bored.

Geographically speaking, South Africa has a stunning array of landscapes within its borders. With a coastline that stretches over 2500 kilometres (1600 miles) along the crystal clear Atlantic and Indian Oceans, the dramatic scenery continues beyond the coast over the escarpment and into the central plateau. The savannahs and wetlands in the north east of country feel completely foreign to the folding mountains of Cape Town and the old growth forests of the Garden route.

One of South Africa's famous landmarks, Table Mountain's steep cliffs and rocky outcrops are home to a number of animals and approximately 1,470 species of plants. Looking into the great escarpment of the Blyde River Canyon it is easy to understand why this is the kind of place where brochures and guidebooks run out of original adjectives to describe the magnificent panoramic views. Cliffs rise between 600-800 m (2,000-2,640 feet) from the river bed with huge rock spirals rising out of the canyon and tops that appear to have a hut-like rounded roof.

Between all these wild landscapes, are some of South Africa's most famous residents. The "Big Five", the lion, leopard, rhinoceros (both black and white species), elephant, and Cape buffalo. Out of all of South Africa's game reserves, none are as well known as Kruger National Park. The Kruger Park is an enormous area of flat veld, broken by rivers and comprised of mixed vegetation and terrain. The park, officially founded in 1926, supports more species of wildlife than any other African reserve. Over 137 mammal species, 49 fish species, 112 reptile species, and nearly 500 bird species are located within Kruger. Birders will also enjoy a chance to explore the Mkuze Game reserve, with more than 420 different bird species on record.

Historically and politically speaking, South Africa is still a very young country. With the Apartheid only coming to an end in the 1990s, no trip to the country is complete without understanding this brutal and discriminatory part of history. At the Robben Island historic site, formerly an infamous prison and today a museum, one can learn about Apartheid era freedom fighters, including Nelson Mandela, who were incarcerated at Robben Island. The Apartheid Museum in Johannesburg is equally as insightful. Both shed light on the extremely heavy topic of recent segregation.

Our South Africa group tours are the perfect chance to enjoy a little of everything, and to discover a country currently with so much to offer as well as so much promise for the future.



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