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AL1 Albania & Macedonia Tour

14 days from Tirana to Skopje

Discerning travellers will be thrilled with this, one of our more comprehensive Albania and Macedonia tours, featuring two UNESCO World Heritage…

GM1 Greece, Macedonia & Kosovo Tour

15 days from Athens to Pristina

This Greece, Macedonia & Kosovo tour is an exciting new itinerary that combines some of our old favourites, plus a couple of new up-and-comers.…

BK1 Balkan Explorer Tour

19 days from Belgrade to Sarajevo

Our Balkan Explorer Tour is a a very special tour designed by one of our senior Tour Leaders. We will visit seven Balkan countries in this 19-day…

AD6 The Adriatic, Albania & Macedonia Tour

30 days from Ljubljana to Skopje

Our Adriatic, Albania & Macedonia Tour begins in Slovenia, past glacial lakes, lush green valleys and majestic mountain ranges, and venture through…


More About Macedonia

The Balkan Peninsula is the last corner of Europe to see tourists. Located near the Adriatic, Mediterranean and Black Seas, the Balkans have been at the crossroads of great civilizations since antiquity. Greek, Roman and Ottoman relics are still visible to this day.

Within the landlocked country of Macedonia, a former Yugoslavia state, the country has a history that dates back to the period of antiquity. The Persian Empire occupied much of the Macedonian lands, with even Alexander the Great conquering much of the region. Romans would enter and occupy the land as well, establishing a province of Macedonia, however by the middle ages Byzantine influence would decline and other empires would emerge.

Macedonia tours travels to Skopje, the capital city, showcase a jigsaw puzzle of buildings influenced by ancient Rome, Byzantium, the First Bulgarian Empire and the Ottoman Turks. Located in a valley on both sides of River Vardar, Skopje traces its ancient history back over 2,000 years to when it was known as Skupi. One highlight includes the Skopje Old Bazaar which emerged and developed in an area between the Stone Bridge and the Bazaar, and between the Kale fortress and the Serava River. As early as in late middle age, all economic activity of the town took place here. In the period between the 16th and 17th century, the Old Bazaar reached its urban and economic zenith, developing into one of the largest and most significant oriental old bazaars in the Balkans.

Macedonia tours continues on to a mountainous landscape right at the heart of the Balkans, sprinkled with beautiful valleys and lakes, with a rich Hellenic heritage. Its churches and mosques contain many fine examples of art and architecture from the Byzantine and Ottoman periods. Memorable stops include the stunningly scenic towns such as Ohrid. Perched on the northern slopes above Lake Ohrid, the 'city of 365 churches' is home to monasteries dating back to the 9th century which were once the cradle of arts and literature, even creators of the Cyrillic language.

On Macedonia tours, another important historical stop is at Heraclea Lyncestis, among Macedonia's best archaeological sites. Roman baths, portico and amphitheatre, and the striking Early Christian basilica and episcopal palace ruins, with beautiful, well-preserved floor mosaics depicting endemic trees and animals are found here.

Nearby in Bitola, is an area where the Consulates of European countries were located at the time of the Ottoman Empire. During this period, a fine assortment of mosques appeared across the country. Gazi Haydar Kadi Mosque, dating from 1561 is one of the most beautiful examples of classical Turkish style of architecture. The Yeni Mosque, built in 1558 is well-known for its exquisite decorative ornaments and stalactites. In contrast, the St. Dimitrija which was built in 1830, is a cathedral well-known for its wood carved ecclesiastical furniture.

Throughout this often overlooked corner of Europe, is a country with scenic mountains and abundant flowering plants lining beautiful river valleys. One trip to Macedonia will explain why this area has been inhabited by so many civilizations over the millennia.


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