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JO1 Jordan Tour

8 days from Amman to Amman

Amman, the modern yet ancient capital city of Jordan, is our entry point on this memorable eight-day Jordan tour; a country brimming with Biblical…

JO4 Jordan & Israel Tour

17 days from Amman to Jerusalem

Our Jordan & Israel tour begins in Jordan, we visit beautifully preserved ancient Roman amphitheatres, desert highways, Bedouin tribesmen - the…

EG10 Egypt, Jordan & Israel Tour

17 days from Cairo to Tel Aviv

This Egypt, Jordan and Israel tour is an exciting addition to our Middle Eastern roster of multi-country programs. Previously, our only tour…

EG5 Egypt And Jordan Tour

21 days from Cairo to Amman

Few places in the world hold such an array of archeological wonders such as Egypt and Jordan. Steeped in history, Egypt and Jordan tours venture into…

JO9 Jordan, Israel & Egypt Tour

29 days from Amman to Cairo

Our Jordan, Israel and Egypt tour has an exciting itinerary stretching over a whopping 30 days, serving as one of the most comprehensive and…


More About Jordan

Jordan Group Tours by Adventures Abroad: For centuries, travellers have been pulled toward Jordan and its beauty. From the Crusaders, ancient merchants to countless civilizations over multiple millennia, all have found refuge and intrigue within this land. Home to the nomadic Bedouin people, Jordan is a country brimming with Biblical and historic sites and a country with urban centres that among the oldest continuously inhabited cities in the world.

Jordan group tours pause in some of the most impressive archaeological sites in the Middle East. Created centuries ago by occupying empires such as the Romans, the Hellenistic Empire of Macedonia that arrived with Alexander the Great, as well as the independent Nabateans who were responsible for the creation of 'the rose red city half as old as time'. Petra boasts attractions that rival the temples and pyramids of Egypt in grandeur and promises remarkable photo opportunities by the dozen. Built or carved from the rose coloured rock in 312 BC, Al-Khazneh (the treasury) in the ancient city of Petra is often considered one of the new seven wonders of the world.

Found on the King's Highway, the ancient trade road was once an important Frankincense and spice trading route. However, this route would also be an important military and pilgrimage way for the following empires.

The connection with the Holy Land in this region is undeniable and Jordan group tours make a stop at numerous Biblical sites. The super salty waters of the Dead Sea and its surroundings were closely linked with King David, King Herod, Jesus, and John the Baptist.

Nearby to the capital of Amman is the edge of the Jordan Valley and Mount Nebo from where Moses and the Children of Israel first saw the Promised Land. On a clear day you can look down to see the Dead Sea and the River Jordan. On the other side of the valley is the city of Jerusalem. Nearby, the mosaic floors of Madaba St. George's church, contain a huge map of the Holy Land as it appeared in the 6th century AD to better understand the ancient cities within the borders.

Conquered by the Romans in 63 BC, Byzantine churches and Roman sites exist throughout the country. Marvellous stone amphitheatres and striking temples in Jerash, once a wealthy city that is today considered one of the most important and best-preserved of all Roman sites. The Romans, followed by the Byzantines did not hold on to Jordan after the 7th century when the Islamic conquest reached the country. Quickly Jordan became part of the Arab world, and it wasn't until the 12 century that another foreign invader returned successfully. The Crusaders' time was brief but they left a mark in Jordan by way of numerous castles.

In more modern times, Jordan has been the homeland of one of the world's most famous armies. The descendants of the Bedouin tribesmen, the nomadic herdsmen of the desert who made up Lawrence of Arabia's army as the British fought off the Ottoman Empire, are still found within the Wadi Rum region. Wadi Rum is a stop on our group tours to Jordan where we board 4x4 vehicles to explore the Mars-like terrain where the sand is red and the rocks look like gigantic multi-layered chocolate cakes melting in the setting sun.

Jordan is a enigmatic country, with a marvellous history and remains a safe haven within a modern world surrounded constant conflict.


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