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JP1 Japan By Rail Tour

13 days from Tokyo to Hiroshima

From its humble beginnings as a small, 16th century castle town, Tokyo - or Edo as it was then known - soon became one of the planet's most populous…

JP2 Japan By Rail Tour

20 days from Tokyo to Fukuoka

On our Japan by Rail tour you will see why Japan is the quintessential study in contrast and contradiction. Japanese culture stretches back…

JP6 Experiential Japan Tour

14 days from Tokyo to Kyoto

Our Experiential Japan tour is designed and intended for those travellers who want to directly experience Japanese culture and society, ancient and…

KR2 South Korea & Japan By Rail Tour

20 days from Seoul to Hiroshima

This highly rewarding 20-day South Korea & Japan By Rail tour kicks off in fine style in the ancient city of Seoul, Korea, which is today one of the…

KR3 South Korea & Japan By Rail Tour

27 days from Seoul to Fukuoka

For almost an entire month, our South Korea & Japan By Rail tour journeys through the myriad landscapes and fascinating cultures of South Korea and…

TA6 Taiwan, South Korea & Japan By Rail Tour

34 days from Taipei to Fukuoka

Our Taiwan, South Korea & Japan By Rail Tour is a spectacular 34-day journey that includes a full South Korea land tour package, Taiwan tour package…


More About Japan

Japan is a mix of both the traditional and modern with a complex weaving of both into everyday life. This country of contrasts will have glass skyscrapers complete with a wooden door leading to tatami matted room that hosts tea ceremony. Japan group tours offer a look into the past of an ancient culture as well as more than a glimpse to what the future holds.

Found in the far east, Japan has been inhabited for thousands of years and is perhaps well known for its samurai culture that emerged in the early histories of Japan. These warriors were featured in feudal battles between nobility in places such as the Edo-jo Castle, an impregnable fortress that housed the Tokugawa Shogunate for 265 years. Surrounded by moats, the original outer walls extended for over 16 km (10 miles) and were thick enough for a squad of samurai to walk six abreast on top. Ancient towns housed the samurais in special areas, as evident in Chiran, a small town in the middle of the Satsuma Peninsula. Within the town there is a preserved samurai district with houses and gardens that date back about 250 years.

Japan group tours introduce the traditional side of Japan in a variety of ways. From learning first hand with local guides the intricacies of the culture, to introducing groups to another popular aspect from the Japanese tradition: the geisha. Traditionally, these women were known as entertainers and often found as hostesses near theatres. In historic cities such as Kyoto which has been for 1,000 years home to skilled craftsmen, wise masters, as well as the geisha. Kyoto attracts a sophisticated crowd to its vibrant Noh and Kabuki theatres, while the last geisha finishing schools are found in the lantern-lit side streets of the Pontocho and Gion sections of the city.

Known for gardens, Kyoto is also known for the Golden Pavilion, one of Japan's most famous architectural and historical icons with beautiful Japanese traditional gardens, as well as Ryoan-ji, the famous raked gravel Zen Garden.

The entire way of life for most Japanese people changed on the morning of August 6, 1945, where the people of war-torn Japan hurried to begin the day. Then suddenly buildings melted, people evaporated, and humankind lost the first battle of the atomic age. Seventy thousand buildings were flattened and 200,000 people perished, the lucky ones quickly; the unlucky lingered. Hiroshima, fringed by mountains forming a natural amphitheatre, seethed and fumed. Three days later the atomic bombing of Nagasaki of August 9, 1945, destroyed wide parts of the city and killed tens of thousands of inhabitants. Much of Japan was obliterated during the firebombs of WWII, which has lead to rebuilding of modern cityscapes Japan is now known for.

Tokyo is one of the world's most populous cities, redefining what cities of the future will look like. Between the buzzing cities, relaxing onsens, and gorgeous countryside, high speed trains whisk travellers away on time and in comfort. Japan group tours show a country that has so much historical wonders and yet so much futuristic characteristics that even the most intrepid of travellers will enjoy.


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