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IS1 10 Day Israel Tour

10 days from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem

Touching down in Tel Aviv, we begin our exciting 10-day Israel tour by exploring the many museums and attractions in this modern city with a unique…

JO4 17 Day Jordan Tour & Israel

17 days from Amman to Jerusalem

Our Jordan & Israel tour begins in Jordan, we visit beautifully preserved ancient Roman amphitheatres, desert highways, Bedouin tribesmen - the…

EG10 17 Day Egypt, Jordan & Israel Tour

17 days from Cairo to Tel Aviv

This Egypt, Jordan and Israel tour is an exciting addition to our Middle Eastern roster of multi-country programs. Previously, our only tour…

IS2 22 Day Egypt And Israel Tour

22 days from Tel Aviv to Cairo

Experience a land of timeless appeal, where cultures date back to an ancient time and are rich in their human history; a region where every corner…

JO9 29 Day Jordan Tour, Israel & Egypt

29 days from Amman to Cairo

Our Jordan, Israel and Egypt tour has an exciting itinerary stretching over a whopping 30 days, serving as one of the most comprehensive and…


More About Israel

Israel group tours by Adventures Abroad: Few places in the world have such a layered history as Israel does. For multiple religions, Jerusalem is the holiest city on Earth. To discover this land, one needs to take a slow pace in order to understand the history that intertwines with everyday life. Our Israel group tours, focuses on the many museums, modern cities, desert landscapes and Biblical sites found by the dozen in this ancient land.

Found between the Red and the Mediterranean Sea, this Middle Eastern country occupies a geologically diverse land. From the fertile Jezreel Valley, the mountainous Galilee and Carmel regions, to the deep valleys cut by the Jordan River in the Rift Valley system. It is within Israel that you find the lowest point on Earth: the salty Dead Sea found 430m below sea level. The salinity of the lake makes it difficult for any plant life to survive, giving the lake its name and a lunar appearance to a lake famed for mineral rich mud as well as the extraordinary buoyancy for bathers.

Our Israel group tours dive deep into the history of this ancient land, where 5,000 year old Bronze age temples stand next sites mentioned in the Torah and Bible. Modern cities have a unique mix of European and Middle Eastern influences however still retain their old world charm. While strolling the golden beaches and commercial metropolis of Tel Aviv, one feels as though they are a million miles away from the cobblestoned winding streets of Jerusalem.

Although officially a Jewish State with 75% of the country identifying as Jewish, in cities such as Jaffa it is apparent by the mix of Christian, Muslim and Jewish people that a diverse population does exist. The 4000 year old city is the location that Jonah was swallowed by the whale, and in recent times has developed a strong cafe culture with restaurants and art galleries in abundance. Listen to the languages spoken on the street by Israelis, and you'll hear a mixture of many tongues, including Russian, French, and Amharic as Israel for over a century has been the destination of choice for Jewish migration from around the globe. Even before the UN designation of a Jewish State in 1947, millions of migrants fled to what was British controlled Palestine.

Often regarded as a pilgrimage destination, Israel group tours provide further context and appreciation to Biblical scenes such as Tabgha, the place where Jesus performed the miracle of the loaves and fishes near the Sea of Galilee. Following in the footsteps of Jesus, our group tour of Israel includes a chance to stroll the streets of Jerusalem, but where there are also reminders of the three religions that shaped this part of the world (Islam, Judaism and Christianity) at every turn. From the Wailing Wall, the Dome of the Rock to the Church of Holy Sepulchre, no other city has such an impressive collection of monuments from these three religions.

Israel is a country that is truly unique in this world, and is a chance to experience ancient societies in a modern land. Whether you find yourself on a cruise atop the emerald coloured Sea of Galilee, a dusty walk among the natural fortress of Masada or a chance to stop and admire the waterfall in the verdant oasis of Ein Gedi Nature Reserve, a trip to Israel is one you won't forget.


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