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Group Travel To Greece

9 tours available

GC2 Classical Greece Tour

9 days from Athens to Athens

As the birthplace of western democracy, there is something strangely familiar to those who partake on our Greece guided tours. Perhaps it is the…

GI4 Greek Island Hopping Tour

9 days from Athens to Athens

In the sun-drenched islands of Greece, it is easy to get lost in the deep azure blue of the Aegean Sea and the postcard perfect viewpoints that…

GI6 Greek Island Tours

14 days from Athens to Athens

Greek Island Tours: join us on an exquisite, two-week adventure to experience the islands of Greece and discover lands of stellar landscapes,…

GM1 Greece, Macedonia & Kosovo Tour

15 days from Athens to Pristina

This is an exciting new itinerary that combines some of our old favourites, plus a couple of new up-and-comers. The name of the game here is…

TG1 Turkey & Greece Tour

21 days from Istanbul to Athens

This tour replaces tour code GR2 featured in our general catalogue This classic combo of two of our favourite destinations features the best…

VRGC Greece: Featuring The North, Crete & Rhodes Tour

23 days from Athens to Rhodos

On this special one-time only program, our senior Tour Leader, Victor Romagnoli, long time Grecophile and resident of Greece, has crafted a trip that…

VRTG Turkey & Greece Tour

34 days from Istanbul to Rhodos

This tour will be led by senior Tour Leader, Victor Romagnoli.


More About Greece

Try something different with group travel to Greece. It's a great way for a traveller to begin exploring Southern Europe.



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