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ET1 Ethiopia Tour

13 days from Addis Ababa to Addis Ababa

Our 13-day Ethiopia tour is an adventure through the diverse landscapes and unique cultures of this magical land begins at its geographical centre…

ET2 Ethiopia Tour

22 days from Addis Ababa to Addis Ababa

An ancient land of stunning sceneries, fascinating cultures and first-rate historic sites, Ethiopia numbers among Africa's most rewarding tour…

HA1 The Horn Of Africa Tour

16 days from Addis Ababa to Asmara

This bold and unique new Horn of Africa tour travels the road MUCH less travelled, to four fascinating and friendly neighbours with much to offer the…

SD1 Northern Sudan Tour

18 days from Addis Ababa to Khartoum

This bold and unique new Northern Sudan Tour travels the road MUCH less travelled, to three fascinating and friendly neighbours with much to offer…


More About Ethiopia

From a nature-lover's point of view, Ethiopia's natural environment mirrors the richness and uniqueness of its people and their cultures. More than a dozen wildlife reserves lie within the countrys borders and with a wealth of indigenous animal and plant life that can be found nowhere else in Africa, Ethiopia promises a highly memorable and abundant tour. Wildlife aside, Tissisat, or The Blue Nile Falls, numbers among the most popular and stunning natural sights of interest in Africa and the rugged mountains that perforate the landscape make for some breathtaking panoramas, as well as serving as ideal climbing or hiking locations.

Ethiopia is largely overlooked as a viable tour destination; an unfortunate state of affairs that means that travellers often sacrifice an opportunity to explore one of the most absorbing and rewarding tour destinations in Africa and, indeed, the world. With more than a dozen reserves housing indigenous and endemic wildlife and plantlife, as well as breathtaking mountainscapes and magnificent, roaring waterfalls, the natural environment in Ethiopia rivals any other African country and its urban centres and rural lands prove just as memorable.


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