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SA1 14 Day South Africa Tour

14 days from Johannesburg to Cape Town

When we think of Africa, we think of safari and Kruger National Park is a destination that enjoys worldwide acclaim for providing just that, and is a…

SA2 18 Day Southern Africa Tour

18 days from Johannesburg to Cape Town

Landing in the vibrant cultural melting pot of Johannesburg in South Africa, we begin our Southern Africa Tour by extensively touring the township of…

SA5 25 Day South Africa Tour & Namibia

25 days from Johannesburg to Windhoek

Our South Africa & Namibia Tour begins in the capital of South Africa - Johannesburg - and traces of its history stand out at every turn of the…

TZ3 26 Day Tanzania Tour & Southern Africa

26 days from Nairobi to Cape Town

Nairobi, the capital of Kenya, is our first port of call on this 24-day explorative adventure through Tanzania and Southern Africa and we take time…

SA8 26 Day Kenya Tour & Southern Africa

26 days from Johannesburg to Nairobi

One of the world's most dynamic and exciting cities in the world awaits us as we being our Southern Africa & Kenya Tour in Johannesburg, South…

SA3 29 Day Namibia Tour & Southern Africa

29 days from Johannesburg to Windhoek

This exciting Southern Africa & Namibia Tour travels through five Southern African countries kicks off in Johannesburg, a remarkable city of…

SA4 32 Day Kenya Tour, Southern Africa & Tanzania

32 days from Johannesburg to Arusha

Our Southern Africa, Kenya & Tanzania Tour begins in the gold capital of the world, Johannesburg in South Africa, we visit a wide array of historic…

AF1 32 Day Southern Africa Tour

32 days from Johannesburg to Maun

Southern African Circuit Tour from Adventures Abroad: The bustling streets of cosmopolitan Johannesburg serve as the perfect introduction to our tour…

KT3 33 Day Kenya Tour, Tanzania & Southern Africa

33 days from Nairobi to Cape Town

Nairobi, Kenya, is our entry point for our Kenya, Tanzania & Southern Africa tour, an adventure through Africa, and we take time to enjoy its…

SA7 37 Day Southern Africa Tour & East Africa

37 days from Johannesburg to Zanzibar

We spend over a month exploring the bounties of Southern and Eastern Africa on this 37-day Southern Africa & East Africa Tour into the heart and soul…


More About Swaziland

On our Eswatini, formerly called Swaziland, tours you'll explore the tiny, landlocked kingdom in southern Africa. Surrounded by beautiful mountains, this rural country has a relaxed pace.


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