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CT1 China By Rail Tour

19 days from Beijing to Shanghai

Our China By Rail Tour is a fresh take on an old favourite, made possible by China's ever expanding, ultra-modern network of high-speed rail links.…


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China's Yunnan Province is widely regarded as the countrys most culturally diverse and scenically spectacular region. It is home to many colourful ethnic minority groups, each with their own characteristics. On our Active Adventures tour, we immerse ourselves in the age-old customs and traditions of the local Bai and Naxi people, and trek through Tiger Leaping Gorge, one of the few places left in China where you can get off the beaten track. We then travel in colonial-era luxury by overnight train into Vietnam, where we enjoy treks in the Sapa area where we will see Hmong, Dzay and Dzao minority people and share their daily lives for a rare glimpse into their culture and customs

Much like its geography, China's variation in climate is quite remarkable and makes the country an ideal tour location regardless of taste or interest. The Arctic conditions of the north combined with the temperate climes of the central zone and the subtropical temperatures of the south means that travellers can enjoy the considerable richness of Chinese culture and scenery in the environment and climate they find most comfortable.

Boasting the awe-inspiring vast mountain range of the Himalayas and two of the world's highest peaks - Mt. Everest and K2 - in the southern regions, as well as part of one of the planet's largest deserts - the Gobi - in the north, China's majestic and humbling natural environment echoes the country's man-made achievements and attractions, so memorable they are.


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