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Australia Guided Tours

4 tours available

AU2 Australia And New Zealand Tours

31 days from Melbourne to Christchurch

Australia and New Zealand Tours: lands of awe-inspiring vastness and incredible natural beauty, Australia and New Zealand are the consummate outsider…

AU4 Australia & New Zealand Tour

17 days from Sydney to Queenstown

This is an excellent alternative to our much longer combination of Australia & New Zealand tour, covering the main highlights of both in an…

MAAU Moa Journeys - Australia 2019 Tour

17 days from Brisbane to Sydney

Join us for a once-in-a-lifetime journey in Australia. University of British Columbia's Museum of Anthropology Curator Dr. Carol E. Mayer will…


More About Australia

Many travellers are taken aback by the sheer enormity of Australia, not fully appreciating that the land Down Under is close to double the size of Europe in terms of landmass. For this reason, our Australia guided tours are ideal; visitors are able to take in a good portion of this vast country's many attractions, something that otherwise proves difficult under a time restriction while at the same time are given enough independence to discover the country for themselves.

Enjoying worldwide acclaim for its natural environment, Australia is the definitive destination for the outdoorsperson. From the spine-tingling iridescence of the Great Barrier Reef to the towering majesty of Uluru (Ayres Rock), the natural landscapes in Australia give memories enough to last a lifetime and the diversity of architecture, atmosphere and cultures found in its cities are entirely unique.



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