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AU1 Australia Tour

17 days from Melbourne to Sydney

AU4 Australia & New Zealand Tour

17 days from Sydney to Queenstown

This is an excellent alternative to our much longer combination of Australia & New Zealand tour, covering the main highlights of both in an…

AU2 Australia And New Zealand Tours

31 days from Melbourne to Christchurch

Australia and New Zealand Tours: lands of awe-inspiring vastness and incredible natural beauty, Australia and New Zealand are the consummate outsider…


More About Australia

Australia escorted tours are a great way for travellers to start a trip in Australia. As the world's fifth-largest country, Australia is home to some of the most diverse landscapes in the world. From lush rainforests to the red earthed outback to the underwater coral that make up the largest reef system in the world, Australia seems to have it all. Our seniors tours of Australia takes travellers to the true highlights of this country focusing on culture and landscapes that are unforgettable.

The aboriginal peoples of Australia are among the oldest continuous cultures in the world, currently thought to have inhabited this area for over 60,000 years. With hundreds of individual groups, the tribes of aboriginals have unique languages and cultures with a deep connection to the land. Harsh environments, and at times dangerous flora and fauna, have allowed the people to adapt in a way that is unique in this world. On Adventures Abroad seniors tours to Australia we highlight both the historical and living culture with stops to several different sites important to aboriginals.

Kakadu National Park, near Darwin in the Northern Territory, features several breathtaking Aboriginal sites. The rock art galleries at Nourlangie Rock and Ubirr showcase an abundance of food and great diversity in the landscape with the people utilizing the creeks, billabongs, sandy alluvial plains, forest and sandstone escarpment. Perhaps the most famous of Aboriginal sacred places is Uluru, an incredibly impressive monolith 5 km (3 miles) in length and over 300m (1,000 feet) high. Our seniors tours of Australia take in this site over two days to better understand the historical importance of this marvel.

Not limited to the Northern Territory, the sounds of the Didgeridoo wind instrument can be heard across the country as well as at important cultural sites. Since European settlement began in the late 18th century on Australia's East Coast, and subsequently in areas that felt the gold rush boom of the 19th century, Australia has become a country known for its cosmopolitan cities.

Most cityscapes in the world fail to leave an impression as great as Sydney's Harbour Bridge and the Sydney Opera House that line the Sydney Harbour. Coffee aficionados fall in love with the cafe culture and flat whites found in the alleys of Melbourne. Even the well-travelled find Cairns hard to resist with its borders edging onto the lush Athertons Rainforest and its shores leading to the Great Barrier Reef. Yet it seems every guest part of the seniors tour in Australia is impressed by the city in the heart of Australia, Alice Springs. Learning on how life is like in the Outback and the ways of survival for those who live on the dusty plains beyond the MacDonnell Range is the perfect day for those curious as to how lives are different down under.

In a country with less than 25 million people, the long drives between cities are outstanding. Memorable coastlines beg to be explored on the Great Ocean Road while the switchbacks leading to the Blue Mountains keep all eyes glued to the unfolding landscapes. With luck, passersby can interact with both the adorable koala or kangaroo as well as the friendly local.


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