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Five Advantages of Small Group Tours

When you imagine yourself staring into an African sunset listening to the roar of a lion’s call from beyond the savannah or stepping onto the ancient stones that gather to create Angkor Wat - how do you picture it?

small travel group at Angkor Wat Cambodia

  • Peaceful?
  • Tranquil?
  • Thoughtful?
  • Intelligent?

Well, that’s how we imagine it because that is how it should be.

At Adventures Abroad Travel, we specialize in utilizing the advantages of small group tours to explore exotic locations around the world. That means our small group tours experience each destination in a meaningful way to create not only fond memories but gain a strong understanding of the culture.

If you have never travelled in a smaller group, let us explain the benefits of small group tours.

Small Group Tour Advantages

Local knowledge, you can actually hear

Our clients are genuinely curious folk who love experiencing different places, peoples, cuisines, philosophies and points of view. They know that there is more to a destination than can ever be explained by a guidebook. This is exactly why we hire the highest quality of local guides throughout our carefully crafted itineraries to provide local history, context and perspective.

Perhaps the greatest advantage of a small group tour is being able to hear the local guide with the possibility to ask more questions and gain more insights.

Flexibility with a comfortable pace.

With less group members, wait times diminish. An advantage for small group tours in terms of flexibility means that more time will be spent enjoying the places that matter.

Less time will be spent getting on and off the bus and less time checking into the hotels. Smaller groups can maneuver around sites and museums much easier than large groups. Better yet, our small group tours enjoy room to spread out with breathing space so no one will have to fight to get that perfect shot.

Our small groups tours are designed to see the highlights of the destinations with enough down time to relax, reflect and soak up the atmosphere.

Peace of mind

So often when travelling independently, things don’t go according to plan. While part of the enjoyment in travel is experiencing the unexpected, this can also result in high stress. In the planning stages, often venturing into unfamiliar territories result in large amounts of time to research every option in the destination.

With small groups, that stress is eliminated. Your hotels, transportation and activities are arranged by travel professionals with years of experience crafting insightful itineraries that engage with local life and showcase the very best of the country.

On the group, your days are managed by an expert tour leader with information and logistics taken care of. Sit back and be able to just enjoy each segment of the trip without waiting in lines for tickets, worrying how you’re going to get to the next stop or any of the hassle that come with independent travel.

Best of all with small group tours, you’ll be accompanied by a group of lifelong learners with a similar passion for travel and exploring the unknown. After all, some things in life are better shared especially chances to make fond memories abroad.

Sustainable travel

With smaller groups, we are able to minimize our footprint on the globe. Our small group tours try to utilize smaller, locally owned hotels whenever possible as well as eat in local establishments therefore distributing the economic benefits to the communities we visit.

This also means we avoid hotel buffets where much food is either tasteless and/or wasted.

Our approach to travel is to engage locals without exploiting them as well as educate our clients on local culture without partaking in mandatory shopping stops that encourage excess.

Size does matter

For us, a small group tour means 18 people max. We want our travellers to engage with local people and by having smaller groups we can in turn stay in smaller hotels and use smaller buses to get around cities easier. Time out of the bus means more time in the city, and with smaller hotels we are able to enjoy closer proximity to monuments and landmarks.

Smaller groups feel more intimate and leave a more sustainable mark on the countries we visit.

We want our travellers to feel like they have an authentic experience and by travelling in a small group we can experience more off the beaten path.

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Published on 9 July 2018



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