A Message From The Adventures Abroad President

Much in the world has changed since Adventures Abroad ran its inaugural tour back in 1987 — a tour to Egypt, for which I was the tour leader, incidentally — and having seen the company pass its 34-year milestone, I'd like to express my gratitude for the unwavering support of those who made it all possible: you, our loyal travellers.

This company was founded on the principle that travel is about more than just getting away from it all — it's about what you're going towards and the memories with which you return. To us, travel can be a catalyst for change: change in how we see the world, how we think about other cultures, how we see ourselves and how we live our lives. Travel can change people in the most profound ways; it can bring us closer together, provide new opportunities, give new perspectives and broaden horizons. Travel can help us grow.

That is the kind of travel Adventures Abroad strives to provide.

The world has changed in the last 34 years, but our philosophy is the same as it was back then: the belief that your next journey could be a defining moment in your journey through life.

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to provide it.




Our accommodations, local guides, pre-departure service and suppliers are constantly monitored and consistently evaluated to ensure we uphold the standard of excellence our valued clientele has come to expect. Moreover, our sensitivity to traveller suggestions, requirements and safety are but a few reasons that clients return to book with us year after year.


As afforded by our 'module system,' our small groups can venture beyond the well-worn tourist paths and experience a destination's less publicized but equally rewarding attractions. Our itineraries are creative and responsive, with departures set for the best times to travel and sufficient scope to accommodate for unplanned events.


Travel is what we love and travel is what we know. The expertise that stems from the staggering number of years of travel experience among our office staff and Tour Leaders shines through in our tours and serves as a lynchpin in our successful operations.

Small Groups

Limiting our groups to no more than 18 participants plus one Adventures Abroad Tour Leader means we can maximize cultural immersion while minimizing environmental disruption. Also, as food plays an important role in the local cultural experience, we take advantage of our diminutive group size and secure bookings in smaller, local restaurants.


Since we design, develop and manage our own tours, no one is more familiar with the intricacies of our product than us. When you book with us, you take advantage of this first-hand knowledge and our extensive network of worldwide contacts; you're in good hands with Adventures Abroad.

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