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If you can't find the answers to your specific question below, please e-mail our sales department at [email protected] and we'll answer your question as quickly as possible.

01. Can Adventures Abroad book my flights?

Yes! We have full-service in-house air department with years of experience booking our passengers to far-flung places around the world from any place that has an airport. Travelling from Los Angeles to Rome? No problem. Travelling from Deer Lake, Newfoundland to Antananarivo? Also not a problem!

02. Can Adventures Abroad get better deals than I can online?

The straight answer on this is "usually no." Travellers who do book their air with us, however, do so for the "one stop shopping" convenience and for the value of our support in the event that something goes wrong, such as a cancellation of missed connection, and for the airport transfers at destination, which we include if you book your flights through us (see also #3 & #4 below). Some routings to more obscure destinations might also be tricky to figure out on your own or difficult to find on internet search engines, which tend to focus on routes with greater volume.

03. Why should I book my flights with Adventures Abroad?

Related to #2 above, in addition to peace-of-mind, if your journey is interrupted en route, we are available to assist in getting you re-booked and notifying our partners and staff at destination of your new arrival details. If you book your own air, you'll likely be "on your own" to deal with the airline directly or the retailer who sold you your ticket, which can be stressful and confusing. We'll also include your airport transfers if you book with us (see #6 below).

04. Does the group fly together on a set route and airline?
        What if I prefer a specific routing and/or airline?

Unlike with some companies, you are not obliged to fly with a particular airline on "bulk" group flights. Because our travellers are coming from (usually) across North America, everyone who flies with us receives a custom air quotation that best serves their situation and preferences—we do not have "set" routings on only a limited number of airlines. While fare and convenience are always at the top of the list of criteria, we can work with you to find the option that suits you best.

05. When will my flights be quoted / booked?

Everyone wants to know well in advance how their flights are going to look. As such, in order to ensure the best choice of fares and routings, the first step is to place your deposit on the tour of your choice as early as possible. This way we can guarantee the tour early enough to ensure that all elements of the trip can fall into place for everyone—from our preferred hotels, local guides, internal transport etc—to your individual wants and needs when it comes to the air component of your journey. We realize that this requires a bit of faith and trust, especially if you're deciding on a tour 8-12 months in advance, but with so many variables at play, this is generally the best order of events. We regret if we are unable to provide a detailed and guaranteed fare more than 6 months out or before the tour is actually 'guaranteed,' but it is extremely rare that we are unable to eventually accommodate our travellers to their satisfaction. And, of course, you are never obliged to accept our air—if you ultimately choose to go with a fare we are unable to access, we're happy to see you there! (see #6 below)

06. Can I book my own air?

Yes, with the one important proviso that you should be careful about spending money on a non-refundable ticket before we 'guarantee' your tour. A small number of tours rely on "air passes" for flights that occur as part of the tour—if you book your own air to / from, these internal tickets may cost you more (this information is available on all affected tours' info pages on our website). If you are redeeming reward points for a free ticket, you should also be aware of any penalties in the event that you want to reinstate your points.

07. What about flights within the tour? Are they included?

With very few exceptions, all flights that occur as part of your tour are included in the "Land Price." Any exceptions to this will be stated on the affected tours' specific pages on this website. If your tour has internal flights, the only thing not included are any taxes or extra fees that are added to these tickets in addition to the actual fare (we absorb any taxes less than $50 per person). As these can change at any time, we list them separately on your invoice. If you'd like to enquire about any taxes that might apply to your tour of interest, please contact us.

08. What about airport transfers?

Anyone who books air through us is entitled to airport pick-up and drop-off transfers. If you arrive early and/or depart late, your transfers are also included if you book your extra nights' accommodation through us. If you book your own flights, your transfers are not included, though we can add this service for an extra charge, or you can make your own way to the first hotel on your hotel list. Please note that, due to arrival / visa requirements, a small number of tours may attract a mandatory arrival transfer fee for Land Only passengers.

09. What about extra services, such as seating and special meals?

Whenever possible, we can request your preferred seating, bearing in mind that it is ultimately up to the airline to follow through on our request. As changes in equipment and other factors can result in adjustments, we recommend that you check in as early as possible to ensure that your needs are met. Special meals and travel reward (points) account numbers can also be added to your file. If you want to redeem points for free travel or upgrades, you will have to contact the airline or points scheme operator directly.

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