Global update - Coronavirus (COVID-19) - See how this could affect your travel plans. Please read our Safety Notices

Safety Notices

30 Mar 2020

Thank you!

We at AA have been humbled and very encouraged on a daily basis by our intrepid and incredibly wonderful family of travellers, who have taken time during these strange and difficult days, to share words of kindness, support and gratitude while we try our best to navigate all the unknowns in these ever-changing and difficult times. Your positive attitudes and love for travel have truly energized everyone here – from our front-line consulting and reservations staff, to our flights team, IT and marketing departments, accounting and, of course, management and ownership. We love what we do and we are delighted to make your trips happen, just maybe a little later than we all expected. Stay safe, be kind to each other, and we’ll see you on the road ahead.

“Life–and travel–leaves marks on you. Most of the time, those marks–on your body or on your heart–are beautiful. Often, though, they hurt.” - Anthony Bourdain

30 Mar 2020

Suspension of tours departing 01-30 June 2020

Adventures Abroad has made the difficult but necessary decision to suspend all tours departing between 01 June and 01 July 2020 due to the rapidly-evolving travel restrictions being implemented across destinations globally. This provides travellers with assurance and the flexibility to postpone their trip to be enjoyed fully at a later date.

As per our NEW flexible re-booking policy, all travellers booked on affected tours will receive a full credit of deposits paid (excluding flights – see below) to use toward the same tour, or an alternative tour, with a departure date before 30 April 2022. We understand that many travellers are hesitant to make their travel plans with so much current uncertainty. As such, we want to offer more flexibility if your travel plans need to change: We will waive any change fees governing deposits if you transfer to another tour or departure date of the same tour; your existing deposit will be issued as a credit for a future booking, not a refund. Your decision on future travel does not, of course, need to be immediate.

If you have booked your flights through us, we will work with the airlines with respect to refunds or credits, but under current conditions nothing is guaranteed nor will answers on this be immediate.

If you are booked on a tour beyond 01 July, at this time our usual policies pertaining to deposits and transfers remain in place.

We would like to offer our heart-felt thanks to all of our customers for their patience and flexibility under extraordinary circumstances. A big thanks as well to those travellers who have already postponed and those who have claimed their credits - we look forward to future adventures with you in happier times.

19 Mar 2020

Spring Tours 2020

If you are booked on any tour scheduled for spring 2020, we regret that your tour will not be operating as scheduled. All tours set to depart before mid-May have been notified directly. We are currently working through tours from mid-May into June – all affected travellers will receive an email outlining their options.

As our office staff have now transitioned to working remotely, we ask that you please hold of calling us, as our ability to respond by phone has been reduced accordingly. If you have not yet been contacted, we thank you for your patience. Emails can be sent to and will be answered in priority sequence.

Thank you for your understanding.

16 Mar 2020

Spring Tours up to 15 May 2020

For the safety of our customers around the world, we have suspended all tours with departure dates from today up to and including the 15th of May. This includes the following:

Western Turkey

Portugal, Spain & Morocco (including Southern Spain starting 21 May)

The Adriatic (Slovenia & Croatia)

The Caucasus


Ukraine, Belarus & Moldova

French Polynesia

All travellers on the above listed tours will receive a follow-up message in the next day or two, specific to each destination with further details about your options.

As we are following best practices and recommended distancing protocols, most of our staff are transitioning to remote operations, which will limit our ability to communicate by phone. As such, we request that you hold off on calling us so that we can serve you more effectively and efficiently.

10 Mar 2020

Spring 2020 tours including Italy

Though issues related to COVID-19 and our tour are changing day-to-day, we can update on how things look as of today. Given the fluid nature of the situation, and because our earliest departures including Italy are still a month away (others are almost to months), we prevail upon travellers to "wait and see" with us until the ultimate fate of spring is more clear. Of course, if other countries included (ie Malta, Tunisia) also become problematic, this will be factored into any decision making.

Currently our usual booking Terms & Conditions remain in place.

10 Mar 2020

April tours of Japan (JP1, JP2, JP6) commencing 11 April

All customers booked on Japan tours departing 11 April will be updated on their tours' status on Friday 13 March.

10 Mar 2020

Spring tours of Portugal & Spain

Still scheduled to operate as planned. Usual booking terms are in place.

05 Mar 2020

re Tour of Japan (code JP1) commencing 30 March 2020

Dear Travellers,

It is now clear that we will be unable to operate this Japan tour as scheduled this spring, and are offering the following options/scenarios:

  1. Postponement: We invite you to transfer your booking to a fall 2020 date of the same tour code (JP1), without our usual transfer fee, for a new departure 03-15 October 2020. At this time we are unable to comment on what might happen if the outbreak persists or recurs past summer.

  2. Cancellations & Transfers: Our booking Terms & Conditions governing cancellations remain in place and neither full or partial refunds will be given. Transfers will only be made as per the conditions specified under time #1 above and cannot be applied to any other tour, nor can it be made conditional to the situation with respect to airfares as indicated under item #2 above.

03 Mar 2020

Spring tours to Italy

Please be advised that at this time our spring tours in Italy are still scheduled to operate as planned. At this moment in time, we HAVE NOT cancelled or postponed our tours.

We closely monitor the guidance provided by the Canadian Government, World Health Organization, Centers for Disease Control, US Department of State and other public and private partnerships to ensure the safety and security of our guests and employees worldwide. We are aware that currently both the Canadian Government and US State Department have cautionary advisories in place against travel to Italy, but we are just asking that you bear with us and see how things play out.

The situation keeps changing day-to-day, and with the travel advisories only applying to specific regions of Italy, there is still a good chance that these travel advisories are dropped or adjusted in the upcoming weeks. You can review the government advisories here to see how they apply to your specific departure.

US State Department:

Canadian Foreign Affairs:

We will continue to assess the situation on an ongoing basis and communicate any changes as soon as possible.

28 Feb 2020

re Tours starting in Tokyo - tour codes JP1, JP2, & JP6, start dates in both March & April 2020

The CDC has issued a "Level 2" advisory which suggests "enhanced precautions." Though we are not yet at a "decision-making" point on the tours' ultimate status, we wanted to advise that we are currently working with our suppliers to devise an alternative plan that will serve to protect your health as well as your investment in the tour.

We know and appreciate that you may have questions and concerns surrounding all of this, but we ask that you bear with us until the end of next week in this ever-evolving situation in which there are more questions than answers. As our front-line consulting and reservations staff are dedicated to serving the needs of travellers on all upcoming tours, we kindly ask that you wait for our email update on this matter as indicated above.

27 Feb 2020

While most Adventures Abroad trips to destinations outside of China are currently operating as scheduled, some imminently scheduled itineraries and/or dates are being adjusted to avoid areas of risk.



We are presently concentrating on tours set to depart until the end of April, though this does not necessarily mean that definitive decisions have as yet been made; as decisions are made you will be contacted. We will continue to monitor WHO recommendations and government advisories and we will update our policies as necessary.

If you are booked on tours scheduled beyond April, please note that we will contact you again with any updates and/or decision-making that could significantly affect your booking. As you might appreciate, our consulting and reservations staff have been tasked with focusing on serving the typical needs of travellers departing this spring and beyond, and may not be available to respond to messages pertaining to COVID-19.

For the latest updates and information concerning the COVID-19 outbreak and for recommendations, including travel advice, how to protect yourself while travelling, and for questions and answers surrounding the COVID-19 outbreak, please refer to the WHO website at the following link:

We will continue to monitor the situation surrounding this ongoing situation closely and will share further safety and destination updates as necessary.

27 Feb 2020

re Spring 2020 tours of Taiwan, Korea & Japan (codes TA4, TA5, KR2)

It is clear that we will be unable to operate your tour as scheduled this spring, and would like to advise the following:

  1. Postponement: You are welcome to transfer your booking to the fall 2020 date of the same tour code on which you are currently booked, without our usual transfer fee; please visit our website for exact dates.

  2. Air: If you have booked your airfare through Adventures Abroad and choose to postpone as per the above, we will work with the airlines with respect to re-booking and any applicable change fees and/or penalties, but this will not be immediate as airlines are presently considering re-booking for only a narrow window of time (ie end of April).

  3. Cancellations & Transfers: If you would like to cancel your booking outright, please note that our booking Terms & Conditions governing cancellations remain in place and neither full or partial refunds will be given. Transfers will only be made as per the conditions specified under time #1 above and cannot be applied to any other tour, nor can it be made conditional to the situation with respect to airfares as indicated under item #2 above.