Western Europe Group Tours

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SW1 Switzerland Tour

14 days from Zurich to Zurich

History has given Switzerland little land, but nature has blessed it with the finest natural sights in Europe. The scenic lakes and rivers seem to…

NK1 Nordic Explorer Tour

14 days from Helsinki to Bergen

This spectacular 15-day Nordic Explorer tour to the Nordic countries is a perfect opportunity to see what kind of treasures lie along the Baltic Sea.…

ML4 Malta & Tunisia Tour

15 days from Valleta to Tunis

What a better way to experience the world of the Mediterranean than stepping foot into the centre of it all on our Malta & Tunisia Tour? Malta…

TM1 Tunisia & Malta Tour

15 days from Tunis to Valleta

After the Roman Empire conquered Carthage, Julius Caesar resurrected the city into a vast metropolitan that was almost comparable to the grandeur of…

GM1 Greece, Macedonia & Kosovo Tour

15 days from Athens to Pristina

This Greece, Macedonia & Kosovo tour is an exciting new itinerary that combines some of our old favourites, plus a couple of new up-and-comers.…

NL1 Newfoundland & Labrador Tour

15 days from Corner Brook to St John's

For this Newfoundland & Labrador tour we are delighted to partner with a first-rate local operator whose knowledge and experience in the region…

MCNP Expedition To The North Pole Tour

15 days from Helsinki to Helsinki

This Expedition To The North Pole Tour will be led/hosted by senior Tour Leader, Martin Charlton who, in 2020, celebrates his 25th anniversary with…

XPR The Way Of Saint James Tour

16 days from Bilbao to Santiago de Compostela

The Way Of Saint James has captured the imaginations of active travellers since the Middle Ages. Spain itself has a spectacular past that seems…

PS2 Northern Spain & Portugal Tour

16 days from Lisbon to Barcelona

Across the sun-drenched Iberian Peninsula are two countries with a soul and history that go hand in hand. Our Northern Spain and Portugal tours…

GP1 Tours Of Poland, Czech Republic & Germany

17 days from Hamburg to Krakow

Tours of Poland, Czech Republic & Germany like no other!

ES4 Spain & Morocco Tour

18 days from Madrid to Casablanca

Separated only by the Strait of Gibraltar, Spain and Morocco tours venture to two countries worlds apart but intricately woven together through…

ES3 Spain: North & South Tour

18 days from Santiago de Compostela to Sevilla

Take an adventure through the heart of Spain on our Spain: North & South tour and see how a country that has so much to offer in terms of history,…

PL5 Poland & Baltic States Tour

19 days from Krakow to Helsinki

Poland & Baltic States tours like no other! Eastern Europe holds numerous rewards for anyone who is not shy of adventure. Poland has an…

ML2 Malta & Southern Italy Tour

19 days from Valleta to Rome

Combining gold-sand beaches that would rival those of any Mediterranean destination in beauty, a compelling and rich history as long as that of any…

MCNF Norway & Finland Tour

19 days from Oslo to Helsinki

During this Norway & Finland tour we will experience the Hurtigruten Classic Voyage North and witness the gradual transition from the populated, lush…

MCPO Portugal Tour

19 days from Porto to Ponta Delgada

On this Portugal tour we will travel from north to south and uncover a dazzling mix of Roman, Moorish, and Baroque architecture along the way.…

MCNW The Northwest Passage 2020 Tour

19 days from Calgary to Toronto

This Northwest Passage 2020 Tour is a one-time 2020 offering will be led/hosted by Senior Tour Leader, Martin Charlton, who in 2020 celebrates his…


More About Western Europe

Western Europe Group Tours by Adventures Abroad: Lands as old as time with far flung castles, wide reaching cultures, dramatic landscapes, and culinary masterpieces that go back generations, a trip on one of our guided European tours is unforgettable.

With a landmass larger than the United States of America, and with fifty sovereign states, the hardest part in looking at our Europe group tours is narrowing where you would like to go.

Western Europe is home to some of the world's most iconic sights and buildings. Architectural wonders include the Parthenon in Athens, Greece, the birthplace of democracy; the Colosseum of Rome or St Peter's Basilica at the Vatican, head of the Catholic world; Buckingham Palace in London sits alongside countless historically important buildings, built before and after the great fire of London; the Eiffel Tower's glow is seen from across the city, while museums such as the Louvre in Paris, Guggenheim in Bilbao, Prado in Madrid are among just a few of thousands of galleries housing the great masterpieces of our time.

Prehistoric marvels aren't limited to the well-known Stonehenge in England or Hagar Qim and Ggantija in Malta. Caves with paintings that date back up to 40,000 years can be found across Europe, in Spain and France notably.

Perhaps it is the cuisine on our Europe group tours that is best to describe. The herring in the Netherlands, a bratwurst in Germany, goulash in Hungary, beer in Belgium, wine in Italy or France, moussaka in Greece, haggis in Scotland, Irish stew, Polish pierogies, Swiss cheese fondue, Swedish meatballs, potica in Slovenia, the list could continue forever.

Our Western Europe group tours have the day to explore and the night to understand local culture with evening meals in local restaurants eating local fare.

To work up an appetite, we include mild to moderate activity as described in our various activity level guides to see the landscapes that make Europe so diverse. Our Europe group tours also explore by all types of transportation.

By sea, we explore the tumbling waterfalls and small fishing villages found in the Norwegian fjords down to the idyllic blue waters of the Greek Isles. Our train journeys take us over scenic mountain passes in the Alps through to the vineyard-lined hillsides of Tuscany.

We count waterfalls while walking on boardwalks across Plitvice National Park in Croatia, and get windswept in the High Tatras on the Poland-Slovakia border. We see great rivers such as the Danube, Rhine or Seine, and mountains such as the Alps, Pyrenees and Carpathian.

Our Western Europe group tours are a must for everyone, just where to go first is the question.


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