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PE13 Peru & The Galapagos Tour With The Nazca Lines

17 days from Lima to Quito

This Peru & The Galapagos Tour With The Nazca Lines is an exciting fusing of our long-standing classic exploration of the wonders of Peru and a…

CL2 Tours Of Argentina And Chile

19 days from Buenos Aires to Santiago

After a comprehensive tour of the plethora of historic and cultural attractions in the dazzling metropolis of Argentina's capital, Buenos Aires, we…

AR10 Essential Argentina Tour

19 days from Buenos Aires to Buenos Aires

Essential Argentina Tour from Adventures Abroad: This is our most comprehensive and complete exploration of Argentina, a vast and astonishingly…

EC15 Ecuador Tour

19 days from Quito to Quito

This 19-day Ecuador tour is an adventure that takes us into the Amazon Basin and amid the Galapagos Islands, two destinations that are so different…

BP1 Bolivia, Paraguay, Argentina & Uruguay Tour

20 days from La Paz to Montevideo

The development of this Bolivia, Paraguay, Argentina & Uruguay tour was the initiative of Tour Leader, Casey Miller, and past travellers who wanted…

CL1 Essential Chile Tour

21 days from Santiago to Santiago

Essential Chile Tour from Adventures Abroad: This thin strip of land that combines with Argentina to comprise the southern extremity of South America…

CL3 Argentina & Chile Tour

21 days from Buenos Aires to Santiago

Argentina & Chile Tour from Adventures Abroad: Argentina's capital, Buenos Aires, is our first port of call on this 21-day tour of Argentina and…

CM5 Panama And Colombia Tour

21 days from Bogota to Panama City

This Panama and Colombia tour is a nice combination of our highlight-packed tour of Colombia and our ever-popular tour of Panama in one nice…

PC1 Peru & Chile Tour

21 days from Lima to Santiago

We've been offering tours to Peru and Chile for years, but it has been a long time since we offered an itinerary featuring both in one incredibly…

EP10 Ecuador & Peru Tour

22 days from Quito to Lima

Enjoy a varied sample of the abundance of South America as we travel to Ecuador, Peru and the Galapagos Islands on this exiting three-week Ecuador &…

BR5 Brazil, Argentina & Chile Tour

24 days from Rio de Janeiro to Santiago

This comprehensive 24-day Brazil, Argentina & Chile tour of some of South America's most rewarding destinations begins in one of the most densely…

EP11 Ecuador & Peru Tour

26 days from Quito to Lima

For a comprehensive overview of the diversity and splendour of nature in South America, this thrilling Ecuador & Peru tour is definitely the one to…

BR4 Brazil, Argentina & Chile Tour

27 days from Manaus to Ushuaia

On our Brazil, Argentina & Chile tour, you'll be arriving in Manaus in northwest Brazil, the capital of the state of Amazonas and gateway to the…

EP12 Ecuador, Peru & Bolivia Tour

28 days from Quito to La Paz

Nestled in the shadows of the Pichincha volcano high in the Andes, Ecuador's capital city, Quito, boasts a wealth of attraction and a natural…

PQ10 Peru, Bolivia & Ecuador Tour

28 days from Lima to Guayaquil

Lima, or 'The City of the Kings' as it was dubbed by Spanish conquistadors, is a city that enjoys world-renowned fame for its abundant attractions…

PQ11 Peru, Bolivia & Ecuador Tour

31 days from Lima to Guayaquil

Peru's capital city was once called 'The City of Kings' by Spanish conquistadors and it is here that we begin our 28-day Peru, Bolivia & Ecuador Tour…

BR6 Chile, Brazil & Argentina Tour

32 days from Manaus to Santiago

On our Chile, Brazil & Argentina tour there's so much to see and do in these three spectacular South American countries, it's tough to fit it all…

EP13 Ecuador, Peru & Bolivia Tour

32 days from Quito to La Paz

Pristine tropical jungle, exotic flora and teeming fauna serve as the most picturesque introduction to South America, as we begin our 36-day Ecuador,…

PQ12 Peru, Bolivia & Ecuador Tour

32 days from Lima to Quito

Home to more than one-third of the country's population, Lima is the must-see commercial and cultural hub of Peru and we take the initial couple of…

PQ13 Peru, Bolivia & Ecuador Tour

35 days from Lima to Quito

Our South America tour packages are truly bucket list experiences and this tour features a number of iconic sights including a flight over the…


More About South America

When you picture South America, what do you see? The towering peaks of Patagonia, the lush jungles of the Amazon, the islands of curious animals in the Galapagos? South America group tours are diverse in this extraordinary continent, with awe-inspiring destinations in every country that will leave you breathless.

Bordered by the Pacific Ocean to the west, the Atlantic to the east, and stretching from the Caribbean in the north to the Drake Passage that separates South America from Antarctica to the South, there are plenty of places to visit in between. The people of this continent have been arriving for nearly 15,000 years, starting with those who made their way south after crossing the Bering land bridge during the ice age.

Archaeological finds of food consumption have been dated as far back as 11,000 years ago, with civilizations starting to thrive due to the abundance of food found in South America. From the use of manioc in the Amazon, the yams of the Andes, and fishing on the coasts, many different cultures began to emerge on this southern continent.

The rise of the Incas is perhaps one of South America tours most iconic cultures. Beyond Machu Picchu, the far reach of this empire can be seen across Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador, Chile, in northwest Argentina and even in parts of Colombia. Known as the Quechua, this powerful empire is famed for more than just their impressive stone temples but also their creation of roads and finely woven textiles.

Not quite as large in their ruling, but equally impressive in their knowledge of herbal medicines, the Amazon tribes were often isolated within the world's largest rainforest. From the Mapuches in Chile to the Kalinas in the Guineas, it is hard to imagine a region with more diverse cultures in such a short span of history.

Unfortunately for many indigenous tribes, the arrival of Europeans brought along many deaths and enslavement as Spain and Portugal began their colonial encroachment. Starting in the 15th century, the claims of land belonging to a European crown came fast with most of South America under occupancy of the Spanish by the mid 16th century.

In its wake, beyond the atrocities to the local native populations, stunning new cities were formed. From Cusco to Quito, Cartagena to Santiago, Buenos Aires to Lima, and Rio de Janeiro to Bogota, it is hard to not be impressed by the beautiful and often colourful historic cities. Away from the cities, South America tours offer a chance to experience nature on a immense scale.

Explore the glacial expanses in Chile and Argentina's Patagonia, walk amongst a dense canopy of jungle in the Guineas and Amazon, take in the vast altiplano landscapes found high within the Andes, enjoy a cup of coffee in the Colombian highlands, or rest on the idyllic beaches of Brazil.

No matter which option, it is always postcard perfect. Whether discovering South America for the first time, or another corner which was previously unseen, this is a continent that provides even the most intrepid of travellers the chance to become amazed.


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