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PG1 Papua New Guinea Tour

12 days from Port Moresby to Port Moresby

We are always delighted to secure scarce space at some of PNG's most renown wilderness lodges at a time that coincides with the famous Goroka Show, a…

NZ1 New Zealand Tour

15 days from Auckland to Christchurch

New Zealand is one of the most popular locations for tourists from all over the world and after we step outside off our plane, we will quickly…

AU4 Australia & New Zealand Tour

17 days from Sydney to Queenstown

This is an excellent alternative to our much longer combination of Australia & New Zealand, covering the main highlights of both in an efficient,…

MAAU Moa Journeys - Australia 2019 Tour

17 days from Brisbane to Sydney

Join us for a once-in-a-lifetime journey in Australia. University of British Columbia's Museum of Anthropology Curator Dr. Carol E. Mayer will guide…

MCUP Untouched Pacific Islands Tour

19 days from Honolulu to Auckland

When it comes to tourism, there are always those countries that get most of the fame. There are those destinations that top the list of the 'most…

MCFP French Polynesia 2019 Tour

19 days from Papeete to Papeete

This tour was designed by, and will be led by, senior Tour Leader, Martin Charlton, who invites you to join him on the special journey: "Come and…

MCSP South Pacific Explorer Tour

24 days from Guam to Apia

This is an itinerary like no other -- 100% unique! We explore an amazing array of islands in the South Pacific, including Palau, Samoa, Guam,…

AU2 Australia And New Zealand Tours

31 days from Melbourne to Christchurch

Australia and New Zealand Tours: lands of awe-inspiring vastness and incredible natural beauty, Australia and New Zealand are the consummate outsider…




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