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KR1 South Korea Tour

8 days from Seoul to Seoul

This highlight-packed South Korea tour touches down in Seoul, one of the most exciting, dynamic and rapidly evolving cities in the world, and one…

MN1 Mongolia Tour

13 days from Ulaanbaatar to Ulaanbaatar

This is a fantastically-varied, highlight-packed exploration of this ancient and beautiful country. All accommodation, including all ger camps,…

JP1 Japan By Rail Tour

13 days from Tokyo to Hiroshima

From its humble beginnings as a small, 16th century castle town, Tokyo -- or Edo as it was then known -- soon became one of the planet's most…

JP6 Experiential Japan Tour

14 days from Tokyo to Kyoto

This tour is designed and intended for those travellers who want to directly experience Japanese culture and society, ancient and modern, and to…

TA4 Taiwan & South Korea Tour

15 days from Taipei to Seoul

Introducing an enticing combination with our long-time South Korea itinerary and a new comprehensive exploration of La Isla Formosa -- Taiwan. The…

CT1 China By Rail Tour

19 days from Beijing to Hong Kong

Here's a fresh take on an old favourite, made possible by China's ever expanding, ultra-modern network of high-speed rail links. We use this to tie…

KR2 South Korea & Japan-by-rail Tour

20 days from Seoul to Hiroshima

This highly rewarding 20-day tour through South Korea and Japan kicks off in fine style in the ancient city of Seoul, Korea, which is today one of…

JP2 Japan By Rail Tour

20 days from Tokyo to Fukuoka

Japan is the quintessential study in contrast and contradiction. Japanese culture stretches back millennia, yet has adopted (and created) some of the…

CA3 The Five Stans Tours

21 days from Tashkent to Bishkek

What was once a part of the greatest trade route in the world, Central Asia and the Five Stans (Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan,…

HH1 Highlights Of The Himalaya Tour

23 days from Delhi to Lhasa

Please note that this tour replaces our retired "HM" series featured in our general catalogue. Mystery, beauty, and tradition are ingrained into…

KR3 South Korea & Japan-by-rail Tour

27 days from Seoul to Fukuoka

For almost an entire month, we journey through the myriad landscapes and fascinating cultures of South Korea and Japan, leaving no stone unturned in…

TA6 Taiwan, South Korea & Japan-by-rail Tour

34 days from Taipei to Fukuoka

A spectacular 34-day journey that includes a full South Korea land tour package, Taiwan tour package and Japan tour package.




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