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CA3 21 Day 5 Stans Tour

21 days from Tashkent to Bishkek

Five Stans Tours from Adventures Abroad: What was once a part of the greatest trade route in the world, Central Asia and the Five Stans (Kazakhstan,…


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Central Asia Tours & Far East Group Tours

Ancient kingdoms come alive in Central Asia and the Far East. Whether travelling from China to Uzbekistan, all along the Silk Road, or to the far-flung islands of the Philippines and Indonesia, Central Asia and the East is a region of exotic beauty, friendly peoples, a long history, and an exciting future.

Discover a continent that will wow each and every one of your senses. Smell the cherry blossoms as they bloom each spring in Japan, watch as the first light appears beyond the pillars of Indonesia's most impressive Buddhist Temple, Borobudur, listen to the birds sing while walking the rainforest canopy of Borneo in Malaysia, or taste the spice in a Sichuan hot pot in China.

Our Central Asia tours offer an in-depth and intimate look at the wide variety of this ancient continent. We cap each group size at 18 people, so you can hear the English-speaking guide clearly and ask questions when needed. Small group sizes are made up with folks who just love learning, and are passionate about travel.

Our goal is travel in a sustainable way, making a more positive and unobtrusive impact on the places we visit. Each tour feels more personalized, with all members of the group understanding the destination in a way that wouldn't be possible without years of experience behind each day's activities.

Join guides in strolls through world wonders such as the Taj Mahal or the Great Wall of China to learn how these monuments came to be. Walk in temples which have inspired generations of intrepid explorers and civilizations before.

From Angkor Wat in Cambodia, Kyoto'™s temples in Japan, Taktshang Goemba in Bhutan, Registan Square in Uzbekistan to the monasteries in Lhasa Tibet, each site will leave you speechless for a moment but render you awed for a lifetime. See how the past collides with the future in buzzing cities such as Tokyo, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore and Shanghai.

Safely stroll the streets or explore the parks, with a knowledgeable local who infuses tours with information about cultural customs, relevant history, and personality while showing you their country. On our Central Asia tours we journey between destinations on world-class air carriers or reliable local coach transport, that will keep you comfortable and on time.

Each day we wi™ll employ a fun way to discover our surroundings from slow moving boats on the Yangtze, Mekong Rivers, Ha Long Bay, or Kerala to high speed trains in Japan, or to 4x4 jeeps over mountain passes in Tajikistan.

Thoughtful itineraries are crafted to go the perfect pace, allowing ample time in museums, temples, national parks, and cities, as well as opportunities at the end of the day to reflect and recharge.

Our no-shopping policy means that time isn'™t wasted in high-pressure sales environments, but we still include unique markets that are culturally relevant and interesting so you can understand the fundamentals of how locals live.

Taste authentic regional food or discover new recipes without ever having to worry about the standards of quality and cleanliness. Well-placed hotels mean plentiful opportunities to enjoy the sights we want to, and a comfortable base to return to.

Our Central Asia tours offer the ability to go off the beaten path with the full support of an experienced tour leader, an engaging local expert, and a company with over 25 years' experience in the region.


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