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Central America & Caribbean

14 tours available

CR1 Costa Rica Guided Tours

9 days from San Jose to San Jose

Costa Rica Adventures by Adventures Abroad: Get closer to nature with Costa Rica adventures for over 50s and never look at the natural world the…

PA1 Pleasures Of Panama Tour

10 days from Panama City to Panama City

Christopher Columbus touched down on the beautiful white sands of Bocas del Toro, where 92 per cent of the land is covered in dense rainforest.…

GU7 Guatemala Tour

12 days from San Pedro Sula to Guatemala City

MB1 Mexico's Yucatan & Belize Tour

12 days from Cancun to Belize City

A jewel on the Caribbean coast, the Yucatan showcases the very best in culture, cuisine, and history. Taste a delicious array of flavours while…

CR10 Costa Rica Tour

13 days from San Jose to San Jose

This tour is an easier variation on our longer Costa Rica tours that also include Nicaragua. Many of the same places are included, but this trip…

CR2 Costa Rica Tour

14 days from San Jose to San Jose

Discover how Costa Rica earns its reputation as a natural wonderland on this two-week adventure through one of the most exciting and striking…

EYCU Cuba 2019 Tour

14 days from Havana to Havana

We are delighted to once again partner with our long-time friends and colleagues at York College of Pennsylvania, to invite you to join us on an…

CU1 Cuba Tour

15 days from Havana to Havana

Beyond what the world’s interpretation of what Cuba has been lies a country that is full of life. Our Cuba group tours introduce you to a life that…

PA2 Panama & Costa Rica Tour

18 days from Panama City to San Jose

This bounteous Central American country is one that is often overlooked by the traveller, a factor which, for many, only adds to its allure. We…

CM5 Panama And Colombia Tour

21 days from Bogota to Panama City

This Panama and Colombia tour is a nice combination of our highlight-packed tour of Colombia and our ever-popular tour of Panama in one nice…

MCCB Caribbean Tours

21 days from Saint Kitts & Nevis to Grenada

Our Caribbean tours are among our most popular offerings! The entire region of the Caribbean is steeped in colonial history, and these beach-ringed…

PA3 Panama & Costa Rica Tour

23 days from Panama City to San Jose

Gliding through the waters of one of the most famous landmarks in the world, the Panama Canal, is the first of many adventures on this exciting…




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