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1st Round's Winner

Topic: Egypt

High above the Valley of the Kings (or Queens). - Ashley C. on her November 2018 tour

2nd Round's Winner

Topic: Greece

Lines and shadows Agora Athens. - Doris L. on her May 2018 tour

3rd Round's Winner

Topic: Central Asia

Devoted Sufi Followers in Prayer - Mausoleum of Hodja Yusup Hamadani, Ancient Merv, Turkmenistan. - Roger P. on his September 2018 Five Stans trip

4th Round's Winner

Topic: Costa Rica

The sloth was posing in the trees along the canal beside Tortuguero. - Ian C. from our Costa Rica trip during February 2016

5th Round's Winner

Topic: Japan

Famous Golden Pavilion of Kinkaku-ji Temple. - Scott L. in October 2019

6th Round's Winner

Topic: Portugal

Lisbon, September 2019. - Anto A. on our September 2019 Portugal tour

7th Round's Winner

Topic: South Africa

A hippopotamus OUT OF THE WATER showing all the scars. It is a rough life!
A game drive in the Thornybush Reserve in 2015. - Rudy P. on our 2015 tour

8th Round's Winner

Topic: Italy

Back from the edge of the crater on Vulcano. - Francois D. on our September 2011 Italian Isles tour

9th Round's Winner

Topic: Peru

Taken on one of the various stops during our unforgettable Andean Explorer train ride from Cuzco to Puno. - Lynn P. on our February 2018 trip

10th Round's Winner

Topic: Croatia

Pula - Ampitheatre
This Roman colosseum is the most complete in the world and to sit inside on the steps was a very special reflective moment for me. - Barbara M. on our May 2015 trip

11th Round's Winner

Topic: Vietnam

Halong Bay Evening. - James L. on our November 2018 tour

12th Round's Winner

Topic: Colombia

WEDDING FESTIVITIES in the streets of Old Town Cartagena. - Lionel C. on January 2016 tour

13th Round's Winner

Topic: Kenya and Tanzania

When we first arrived, after a night in Nairobi, we travelled to Ol Pejeta Conservancy and immediately saw this Reticulated Giraffe taking a drink at the water hole. - Roger E. on our July 2013 tour

14th Round's Winner

Topic: The Baltic States

Vilnius, Lituania, Sept 2019
Young dancers entertaining at a street festival right outside our hotel. - Joanne S. on our September 2019 tour

15th Round's Winner

Topic: Argentina

On his way to get wood, against the colourful background of limestone mountains near Humahuaca. - Francois D. on our January 2019 tour

16th Round's Winner

Topic: Morocco

Blue fishing doreys at Essaouira - David H. on our October 2016 tour

17th Round's Winner

Topic: Norway and Finland

Winter will soon test these sturdy cabins near Gudvangen. - Francois D. on our September 2018 tour

18th Round's Winner

Topic: Ecuador and Galapagos

Butterflies on a Croc. - Anne H. on her January 2019 trip with her friend Chris C.

19th Round's Winner

Topic: The Caucasus

Gergeti Trinity Church in Georgia. It has an isolated location on top of a steep mountain, and is a symbol of Georgia. - Dave N. on our September 2014 tour

20th Round's Winner

Topic: Photos featuring Tour Leaders

Alastair - Southern Africa. 'Not one to take the easy way up.' - Brenda L. on our June 2008 tour

21st Round's Winner

Topic: Spain

Toledo & the River Tagus. - Carol H. on our September 2016 tour

22nd Round's Winner

Topic: Turkey

Hot Air Balloons over Cappadocia. - Viggo D. (@cdn_picturesmith) on our May 2013 tour

23rd Round's Winner

Topic: The Guayanas

Exceptional wildlife. - Chris G. on our February 2019 trip

24th Round's Winner

Topic: Hotel Views

Evening view from room at Vang Vieng, Laos on our trip through Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam in November 2010. We had a lovely dinner on the terrace overlooking the Nam Song River. - Karen W. on our November 2010 tour

25th Round's Winner

Topic: Group

Boating fun, Gulf of Tonkin. - Dan W. on our March 2016 tour of Vietnam

26th Round's Winner

Topic: Food

Street food in a Kashgar bazaar on our October 2012 tour of the Silk Road; it looked delicious but we didn't try it. - Karen W. on our September/October 2012 tour of the Silk Road

27th Round's Winner

Topic: Bird

Visitor at Nahuel Huapi Park. - Carol S. on our November 2014 Argentina and Chile trip

28th Round's Winner

Topic: Monument

Southern Cemetery of the Royal Necropolis of Meroe. On our 2018 trip to Sudan, we visited the Royal Necropolis of Meroe where kings and queens of Nubian Egypt were buried from about 800 BC to 300 AD. Although smaller and younger than the Egyptian pyramids (oldest c 2630 BC), these Sudan pyramids outnumber those in Egypt - 255 pyramids in Sudan to 132 in Egypt. - June S. on our October 2018 Sudan tour

29th Round's Winner

Topic: Sunrise and Sunset

The Pushkar Camel Fiar in Rajasthan on the India Sri Lanka tour in 2005. - Melvin R. on our 2005 India Stri Lanka tour

30th Round's Winner

Topic: South Pacific Islands

Bay of Virgins, Fatu Hiva, French Polynesia. - Viggo D. (@cdn_picturesmith) on our November 2019 French Polynesia tour

31st Round's Winner

Topic: Wildlife

A young sloth was just hanging out at the beach in Manuel Antonio National Park. - Linda S. on our November 2012 Costa Rica tour

32nd Round's Winner

Topic: Himalayan Region

Three beauties. On the road near Mt. Kamal, Tibet. - Melvin R. on our October 2003 Himalayan tour

33rd Round's Winner

Topic: Islands of the Indian Ocean

Reflections high in the mountains of Reunion. - Chris G. on our May 2018 tour

34th Round's Winner

Topic: Selfies

Galapagos - Sierra Negra Colvano. - Chris C. on our Jan 2019 Galapagos, Andex & Amazon tour