Booking Your Air

The air fares indicated in our price booklet can be used as a very close guide to what an economy class air ticket will cost you from the indicated major gateway, exclusive of taxes, airport user fees, and fuel surcharges. These prices are based on the lowest available inventory on a limited number of scheduled airlines with which we have contracts, and are accurate only at the time of printing. Though we are usually very good at confirming the indicated price, fares can go up without notice, especially if you book late and lower fare space is sold out. If you want a no-obligation, tax-inclusive routing / fare quote from your home airport prior to booking your trip, please contact us.

If you want a specific routing on a specific airline, please ask us for a quote, bearing in mind that we do not generally use charter airlines and that bookings made on carriers with which we do not have contracts may require full, non-refundable payment at time of reservation. These fares may also be higher than our published rates and / or attract extra administrative charges (see section pertaining to Instant Purchase tickets below).

Frequent Flyer Points

If you want to redeem points for free travel, you must deal directly with the airline or reward scheme operator. If you want to collect points on an eligible ticket purchased from Adventures Abroad, please provide us with your membership number prior to travel. You should always present your membership card at check-in and retain tickets and boarding card stubs until your account has been credited.

Seating and Special Requests

We will assist in requesting preferred seating for your flights, if possible (some airlines do not offer pre-assigned seating). Please be aware, however, that it is ultimately up to the airline to honour this request. Airline overbooking practices and / or equipment changes may necessitate unannounced seating changes over which Adventures Abroad has no control. If seating is very important to you, we suggest that you call the airline directly to reconfirm your seating at least two days prior to travel, and that you check in for your flight as early as possible.

Administrative Fees

In a world where airlines have eliminated commissions, a new reality is the Instant Purchase Ticket, for which most agencies, Adventures Abroad included, must charge an extra fee to cover the cost of issuing such tickets (usually $75 per person). Currently, this policy applies to only a limited number of destinations and / or air routes, most notably in Central and, to a lesser extent, South America; or on tickets booked with a carrier with whom we do not have a contract. We will endeavour to advise you of this charge, if known, at the time of booking.

Land Only Arrangements

If you prefer to make your own air arrangements, you can book most of our tours on a LAND ONLY basis. We advise all land only passengers to confirm the status of their chosen tour before making any non-refundable air arrangements. Please refer to our general Terms & Conditions pertaining to Land Only Bookings, Reservations, Payments, Cancellation, Refunds, Transfers, Baggage, etc.

  • One stop shopping
  • Our assistance should your flights be cancelled, delayed, or rescheduled
  • Arrival and departure transfers provided if you arrive and depart on published tour dates, which in some cities can be very expensive or daunting on your own

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