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LA2 Laos & Vietnam Tour

22 days from Luang Prabang to Ho Chi Minh

This 22-day Laos & Vietnam tour will give you the chance to discover the relentless beauty of Laos and Vietnam. Laos' rich history, matched with…

LA3 Laos, Vietnam & Cambodia Tour

27 days from Luang Prabang to Siem Reap

Our Laos, Vietnam & Cambodia tour starts at Luang Prabang, Laos, which has a vast array of colonial era buildings that are interspersed with many…

VN1 Vietnam Tour

15 days from Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh

This 15-day Vietnam Tour begins in the beautiful Hanoi with its sprawling lakes, beaches and parks. You will be quick to examine the magnificence…

VN2 Vietnam & Cambodia Tour

20 days from Hanoi to Siem Reap

Our Vietnam and Cambodia tours explore the beauty of Vietnam from the Forbidden Purple City to the soaring mountains of Ha Long Bay. In Cambodia, we…


More About Vietnam

In a land of contrasts, Vietnam travel tours showcase a bit of everything. Stunning landscapes of verdant green hills with rice terraces give way to forested coastal mountains that rise straight out of sugary sand and turquoise waters of Ha Long Bay. Busy cities filled with markets stand in contrast to the rural villages where time seems to stand still, the imperial fortress of Hue or the ancient Cham temples of My Son. Vietnam is a country that continually grows and changes yet clings to an impressive history and culture that is unique in the region.

Vietnam is a tiny sliver of land that stretches in the shape of an S for 1650 kilometres (1025 miles). With China to its north, Cambodia and Laos to the west, and the sprawling coast of the South China Sea to the east, Vietnam is well positioned in South East Asia. Vietnam travel tours take in unforgettable experiences within this country, utilizing local transport ranging from planes to boats. Hop on board a cruise along the Mekong Delta, often referred to as the rice bowl of Vietnam, as it is responsible for producing three crops of rice per year, and is also famous for its tropical fruits and flowers.

Like many destinations, it is the people that make this country so special. With a culture that is complex, it is important to understand the history of Vietnam beyond recent developments. From ancient times as a trading post with Imperial China, to the exchange of Hindu religious ideas from India, and the 19th century colonial influences from France; Vietnam is a true melting pot. For nearly a thousand years the Chinese held control of Northern Vietnam, followed by a temporarily successful dynastic Vietnam and then a colonial French Indochina in 1884. Vietnam no longer remained under French rule after WWII when following a Japanese invasion, Vietnam politics saw an emergence of communist leaders such as Ho Chi Minh who would eventually create a large division within the country as well as with the battle for land between the Viet Minh (Ho Chi Minh's party) and French forces that would start the First Indochina War.

The end of this war is perfectly explained during a visit to Dien Bien Phu which was the site of that rarest of military events. It was there, in 1954, Viet Minh forces overran the beleaguered French garrison after a 57-day siege, forcing the French government to finally abandon its attempts to re-establish colonial control of Indochina.

Unfortunately, this would not be the end of the unrest in Vietnam. Disagreements between the northern communist portion of the country and the southern Vietnamese would lead to the 20 year Vietnam War.

While in Saigon, our Vietnam travel tours ensure to stop and learn more about this important period of history while at the Cu Chi Tunnels and War Remnants Museums as well as a stop at the Hoa Lo Prison Museum in Hanoi. Away from war history, Vietnam is a place to see a living culture with incredible people. Though modernizing, the hill tribes near Dien Bien Phu can still be found with their expertly woven outfits living in an area with plenty of beautiful landscapes, waterfalls, and terraced rice fields.

In a country with so much natural beauty combined with a complex history and culture, it is a place that needs to be experienced to be understood.


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