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XPE Pyrenees Explorer Tour

13 days from Barcelona to Barcelona

There are many reasons to visit the Pyrenees on our Pyrenees Explorer Tour - skiing, food, art and architecture - but hiking is one of the best ways…

XPR The Way Of Saint James Tour

16 days from Bilbao to Santiago de Compostela

The Way Of Saint James has captured the imaginations of active travellers since the Middle Ages. Spain itself has a spectacular past that seems…


More About Spain

Imagine walking down a street in the heart of a historic city, listening to the sounds of flamenco guitars and smelling the spices of signature tapas. Picture yourself strolling the landscapes that surround stone-walled towns or down the winding streets to beautiful plazas. From the heart of the cities to the coastal delights of the Mediterranean and the Bay of Biscay, our escorted tours of Spain are the perfect chance for the active person in you to delight in the unique and diverse regions of this charismatic country.

As one of the world's most desired destinations, escorted tours of Spain offer the chance to explore an important empire with a character that varies from region to region. In the vibrant capital of Madrid, one can explore galleries and museums to their heart's content.

From the Prado to Picasso, discover the works collected by Spanish Royalty as well as Spanish paintings gathered from other sources over the past two centuries.

Art is not limited to just the capital city, the old port town of Bilbao has been transformed by the introduction of the Guggenheim collection. Housed in a Frank Gehry building, this engineering and architectural masterpiece is as inspiring as the modern art contained within their collection.

Join us in each museum as a dedicated gallery guide will explain the highlights and meanings behind some of the world's most iconic artists and famous pieces.

We explore masters from Frank Gehry to the legendary Antoni Gaudi, which makes Barcelona another must for those intrigued by artists who break away from architectural norms. One of Catalonia's most famous architects, it is apparent that his whimsical style was greatly influenced by the free flow of nature.

Yet to be completed, La Sagrada Familia Cathedral (Cathedral of the Holy Family), is an amalgam of fantasy and Gothic impulses, and Gaudi's most unique piece of architecture.

As we wander the gothic quarters and explore the churches and cathedrals that are found across the country, influences from ancient times appear in nearly every city. In the South, that includes the influence of the Moors, who ruled this land for centuries. Their palaces ranged from the Alcazar in Seville, today the longest inhabited royal palace in Europe, to that of the Alhambra in Granada.

Meticulous detail went into the construction of this 13th century palace and, in many ways, the Alhambra represents the Moorish concept of life itself, something glorious to be ennobled by learning and enlivened by every kind of pleasure.

From the gardens of Alhambra and across the Andalucia region, every walk encounters either a flower filled patio or orange grove, and the sweet scent of the lush countryside lingers in the cultural and historic centres.

Whether walking along the pilgrimage of the Way of St James (the El Camino to Santiago de Compostela), in the countless outdoor galleries of cities that unveil a deep and rich history, or along a cobblestone street in a whitewashed village near a cattle farm, the vistas, history, and variety in our escorted tours of Spain are sure to leave you delighted.


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