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CZ4 Czech Republic, Slovak Republic, Hungary & Romania Tour

28 days from Prague to Bucharest

Hungary, Romania, Slovak & Czech Republic Tour from Adventures Abroad: Experience the best of culture, spectacle and nature on this 28-day adventure…

CZ5 Czech Republic, Slovak Republic, Hungary, Romania & Bulgaria Tour

35 days from Prague to Sofia

Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary, Slovak & Czech Republic Tour from Adventures Abroad: This epic, 35-day extravaganza of a tour is the ultimate showcase of…

HU2 Hungary & Romania Tour

16 days from Budapest to Bucharest

Hungary & Romania Tour from Adventures Abroad: The capital city of Hungary is only the beginning of our journey throughout the heart of Eastern…

HU3 Hungary, Romania & Bulgaria Tour

23 days from Budapest to Sofia

Hungary, Romania & Bulgaria Tour from Adventures Abroad: Budapest, Hungary, is the first port of call on this journey through the varied landscapes…

RO1 Romania Tour

8 days from Bucharest to Bucharest

Standing amid the nuns who live in the Romanian monastery of Voronet while they carry out their daily routines, we will come to appreciate our level…

RO2 Romania & Bulgaria Tour

15 days from Bucharest to Sofia

Before setting foot in these two countries found in Eastern Europe, it would be easy to confuse them as quite similar. Both are lands with a…

SL3 Slovak Republic, Hungary & Romania Tour

21 days from Bratislava to Bucharest

If we were wanting to discover what makes Eastern Europe one of the most beautiful locations on Earth, we would be sure to take a trip to the…

SL4 Slovakia, Hungary, Romania & Bulgaria Tour

28 days from Bratislava to Sofia

Bounties in the Slovak Republic lie copious and abundant and we need the best part of a week on our Slovakia, Hungary, Romania & Bulgaria Tour to…


More About Romania

Set within the Transylvanian landscape, Romania is a country with contrasts. As the Carpathian Mountains make a wide curve, leaving a network of craggy peaks, dense forests and green meadows, the rural and city centers buzz with life.

Found in the extreme south east of Europe along the shores of the Black Sea, Romania tours show a country with a deep-rooted history and a fascinating modern story. The cave of bones, or Pestera cu Oase, located in the southwest of Romania indicates that people have been residing in Romania for 40,000 years. The bones are part of the oldest remains ever to be found in Europe. Along the shores of the Danube River, Europe's second longest river, many settlements took place and civilizations such as the Roman Empire and the Ottomans extended into this territory.

Due to the near constant threat of invasion during the middle ages, many castles sprung up across the country. Regal palaces include the Bran Castle, which erroneously is claimed by some to be Count Dracula's castle. Transylvania became synonymous with vampires, notably due to the influence of Bram Stoker's famous novel Dracula. Further elegant retreats include the 160 rooms of Peles and 70 rooms of Pelisor Castles, both located in Sinaia. Romania tours to the castles offer an excellent insight to German new-Renaissance architecture.

Medieval times also created towns that were important trading centers for Germans en route to Moldova. The area, known as Transylvania at the time, sprang to life with picturesque towns such as Bistrita, which was founded in the early 13th century, and Sighisoara, which has a long tradition in craftsmanship and trade. Within the fortifications and defense towers of Sighisoara are areas that house tinsmiths, butchers, hatters, and blacksmiths.

During the same period, Romania experienced a unique phenomenon of building fortified churches as witnessed in Biertan. In fact, religion became a major focal point for architects of the time. Intricate Byzantine mosaics can be found at Bucovina monasteries, built during the height of Moldavian civilization, including the Sucevita Monastery with frescoes covering the inside and outside of the church. City centers such as Brasov and Bucharest still have important churches that are well attended, as the majority of Romanians are still practicing Eastern Orthodox.

Recent years have included much change for Romanians. After siding with the Nazis in WWII and afterwards joining the Warsaw Pact to become a communist state with the Soviet Union, Romania now is a part of the EU. Located on the eastern fringes of Europe, Romania tours are considerably less pricey than their western counterparts.

Throughout the ages, Romania has enjoyed a stunning landscape that is the backdrop to the winding alleys in colourful villages. The Hasmas-Bicaz Gorges National Park with its 300 m (985 ft) tall limestone cliffs, create spectacularly scenic mountain roads in the hiker's paradise of Harghita County near the resort area of Lacu Rosu or Red Lake.

Whether you are interested in glamorous and elegant cities, picturesque castles, snow-capped mountain scenery or a little of each, Romania is a country with all of these and so much more to offer.


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