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NA1 Namibia Tour

12 days from Windhoek to Windhoek

This 12-day Namibia tour takes us along the dense streets of its capital city, Windhoek, where we walk among people from the numerous tribes that…

VRBN Namibia & Botswana 2020 Tour

17 days from Cape Town to Maun

This Namibia & Botswana 2020 Tour was designed by, and will be led by, senior Tour Leader Victor Romagnoli who, in 2020, celebrates 30 years of of…

NA2 Namibia & Botswana Tour

19 days from Windhoek to Maun

On our Namibia and Botswana tour we'll be venturing into the back of beyond and through the stark beauty of untouched, barren wilderness in two…

VRRA Africa 2020 Tour

22 days from Kigali to Maun

This Africa 2020 Tour was designed by, and will be led by, senior Tour Leader Victor Romagnoli who, in 2020, celebrates 30 years of of leadership…

SA5 South Africa & Namibia Tour

25 days from Johannesburg to Windhoek

Our South Africa & Namibia Tour begins in the capital of South Africa - Johannesburg - and traces of its history stand out at every turn of the…

SA3 Southern Africa & Namibia Tour

29 days from Johannesburg to Windhoek

This exciting Southern Africa & Namibia Tour travels through five Southern African countries kicks off in Johannesburg, a remarkable city of…

AF1 Southern African Circuit Tour

32 days from Johannesburg to Maun

Southern African Circuit Tour from Adventures Abroad: The bustling streets of cosmopolitan Johannesburg serve as the perfect introduction to our tour…


More About Namibia

Tucked away in the southwestern corner of Africa, Namibia is a country bursting with natural wonders that are unrivalLed in the world. From the golden hues of the enormous sand dunes to the shipwrecked coastlines, discover why Namibia tours have become one of the premier destinations for African Safaris and nature enthusiasts.

Despite the dense streets of the capital, Windhoek, where we walk among people from the numerous tribes that wear a mixture of traditional and contemporary dress, Namibia is one of the world's least populated countries.

It has a city full of trees and gardens, with architecture reminiscent of the turn of the century yet a sense of modernism slowly creeps in. But travellers on our Namibia tours know that Windhoek is just the gateway to the impressive display of nature that rests beyond its city limits.

In the Namib Desert we'll venture to sky-high sand dunes towering above us with their record-breaking heights of 300 metres. This sun-baked landscape provides a colourful backdrop for every sight and sound found in this seemingly endless land.

Sossusvlei is so abundant in its sand dunes that it beckons one to walk barefoot among its soft sand that builds in razor sharp appearing ridgelines of orange. Even the name of Namib means vast, a statement instantly understood to be true.

The apricot-hued, shape-shifting sand is not the only type of feature in this surreal world. Rugged rocky outcrops give way to salt flats; moisture rolls in by way of a foggy mist from the nearby Atlantic allowing for a strange variety of plants to survive in such a harsh environment.

The first sighting of a dead acacia tree sprouting from the blinding white salt pan makes it certain that the solitude and ambiance of this visually stunning environment will be as memorable as it is photogenic.

In the few watering holes across parks such as Etosha National Park or Naukluft National Park, wildlife as diverse as the baboon, rock hyrax, oryx antelope, springbok, ostrich, elephant, lion, giraffe, blue wildebeest, eland, kudu, gemsbok (Oryx), zebra, rhino, cheetah, hyena, honey badger and warthog, black faced impala, leopard, as well as over 340 species of birds find their place among the land.

It is a strange juxtaposition of such a barren landscape to host such an abundant amount of wildlife, but one that exists and is experienced on our Namibia tours.

The same country that boasts a feeling of solitude and true wilderness is the also home one of the oldest civilizations of humans. The prehistoric rock carvings have survived in a landscape that has been formed by the erosion of wind, water and geological force.

No trip to the desert is complete without a few nights sleeping out in a canvas tent, right in the middle of this landscape under a sky of a million stars.

Join us on a journey to Namibia, a perfect adventure through a country that serves as an excellent showcase of what makes Africa such a compelling continent for so many travellers.


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