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IT8 Northern Italy Tour

8 days from Florence to Venice

From the Renaissance grandeur of its buildings, the abundance of its art galleries and the romantic warmth of its Tuscan atmosphere, Florence is a…

IT7 Northern Italy Tour

10 days from Rome to Florence

At 10 days in length, this adventure through Northern Italy may seem relatively short on paper, but it is so chock-full of highlights that it will…

IT20 Northern Italy For Less! Tour

12 days from Rome to Venice

Experience a wide range of incredible highlights on our Northern Italy For Less! Tour, an off-season, super-saver exploration of Northern Italy.…

XPM Piemonte Panorama Tour

13 days from Torino to Torino

We're very excited to once again offer a more active tour in Italy, the Piemonte Panorama Tour. Years ago we did a hiking tour in Tuscany and…

IT1 Northern Italy Tours

14 days from Rome to Venice

Few places in the world have as high of a reputation as a cultural and historic tour de force as Italy does. While dreaming of an Italian vacation,…

IT6 Southern Italy Tour

14 days from Palermo to Rome

Few countries ooze as much of a romantic appeal as Italy does. From the language to the architecture, Italy is often dreamed of as the postcard…

ML2 Malta & Southern Italy Tour

19 days from Valleta to Rome

Combining gold-sand beaches that would rival those of any Mediterranean destination in beauty, a compelling and rich history as long as that of any…

MCMS Microstates Of Europe Tour

20 days from Rome to Antwerp

This unique San Marino, Liechtenstein, Monaco, Andorra, Luxembourg & Vatican City tour gives an incredible overview of some of the hidden gems of…

AD4 Italy & The Adriatic Tour

24 days from Florence to Dubrovnik

Italy & The Adriatic Tour by Adventures Abroad: As one of the most atmospheric and striking cities in Italy, Florence is as rich in history and…

IT2 Guided Tours Of Italy: North & South Tour

24 days from Palermo to Venice

What do you get if you mix the incredible cultural riches of Italy's north with the laid back beauty of Southern Italy? You get one of the best…

TM2 Tunisia, Malta & Italy Tour

28 days from Tunis to Rome

This Tunisia, Malta & Italy Tour gives us a good perspective of the considerable expanse of the Roman Empire. From the Byrsa Hill acropolis along…

ML3 Malta & Italy Tour

29 days from Valleta to Venice

On our Malta & Italy tour, for the better part of a month, we immerse ourselves in the cultures, partake in the beauty of the landscapes and seek to…

AD9 Italy & The Adriatic Tour

30 days from Rome to Dubrovnik

Italy & The Adriatic Tour by Adventures Abroad: Historical structures throughout Italy have seen extensive restoration and it's all been worth the…

TM3 Tunisia, Malta & Italy Tour

38 days from Tunis to Venice

Staring up at the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel is one of the many experiences that are expected along this Tunisia, Malta & Italy Tour, but we will…


More About Italy

Our small group tours of Italy whisk you away to the Mediterranean peninsula known as 'Bel Paese' (or beautiful country), allowing you to immerse yourself in the country that boasts the greatest number of UNESCO World Heritage Sites in the world and a nation with an unrivalled reputation for generating and housing the best art and artists. Small group tours of Italy explore this region of remarkable natural and man-made beauty, letting travellers experience the world-renowned hospitality of the locals and get the most out of a visit to this most notable of European destinations.

It is hardly surprising that Italy, has been home to some of history's greatest artistic accomplishments, as the natural beauty and wonder of the country, combined with its perpetual legacies of several imposingly influential past civilizations, continue to serve as the greatest inspiration.

Inhabited for thousands of years, Italy would become the centre of the civilized world after the arrival of the Romans nearly two thousand years ago. Few cities in the world can rival Rome, once the capital of the Roman Empire. The Eternal City encompasses the Colosseum, the Spanish Steps, and the Trevi Fountain, and these are just some of the city's famous sights.

The Colosseum is the world's oldest amphitheatre and is surrounded by classic Italian architecture, although the large complex stands out in a city of ancient monuments and spectacular galleries.

From ancient empires to the seat of a world religion, our small group tours of Italy do not miss the nearby St Peter's Basilica. With a Cathedral interior that can hold up to 60,000 people, few places in the world can claim to have a designer such as Michelangelo. Adding his touches and taking over the project in 1547, our small group tours of Italy offer a chance to see masterpieces from the world's best artists.

Truly Mediterranean with a coastline of 7,600 km, Italy boasts some of the best seaside towns. Take a cruise along the Amalfi coastline to the resort town found on a winding road carved out of the rock in the mid-19th century. Further south and separated by only 4km from the mainland, Sicily and its capital Palermo, is noted for its history, culture, architecture and gastronomy, playing an important role throughout much of its 2,700 year existence.

Agriculturally rich, the fertile soil found in the shadow of Mt Etna produces some of the finest ingredients found in Sicilian dishes: cactus pears, fresh figs and grapes, fat olives, fresh capers, zucchini blossoms, fresh ricotta and pungent pecorino cheese. The active volcano stands at 3,313m tall and is in constant threat of eruption.

Perhaps the greatest disaster in Italian history, a highlight of Southern Italy tours is the visit the city of Pompeii, which was destroyed following the eruption of Mount Vesuvius in AD 79. Dug out from the ashes, the entire area is a fantastic record of how ordinary Romans lived their lives. The archaeological site stands in stark contrast to the nearby hustle and bustle of Naples with its beautiful harbour and 12th century fortress.

Although throughout small group tours of Italy, one can easily stumble on a beautiful church or cathedral with Byzantine mosaics and fountain filled piazzas, Southern Italy is also a place to find ancient Greek architecture. Places such as Segesta, Sorrento Selinunte, Syracuse, and Agrigento are home to the diaspora of Greeks who fled in search new lands in the 8th century BC and left behind remnants of Doric columns as well as Greek temples and theatres.

In a country with a history that shaped western civilization, a landscape that has inspired artists for centuries, and an attitude that is warm and welcome, Southern Italy is a truly remarkable destination.


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