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Ireland is a land of legends, where history meets myths and the landscape inspires timeless literature and art. On our Ireland group tours, we delve…


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The Emerald Isle, though being a small island in the north Atlantic, is home to a warm culture that has been embraced by the world. Senior tours of Ireland give the traveller the chance to get to discover first hand why the Irish will continually proclaim that they live in the best place in the whole world.

Historically speaking, Ireland has been inhabited since prehistoric times as seen in Dun Aengus, a Bronze Age and Iron Age fort situated on the edge of a cliff at a height of 100 metres (330 ft) overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. But it's the modern image of the green rolling countryside, the wild coastlines, fairytale castles and buzzing Dublin that captures travellers' hearts.

Ireland is a land of such exquisite beauty that it is easy to understand why it has been the birthplace to some of the world's most compelling literature and art. The inspiration of Thomas Moore's writings came from the northern valleys of this island. Founded by Queen Elizabeth I to "civilize" Dublin, Trinity College is Ireland's oldest and most famous college with alumni including Jonathan Swift, Oscar Wilde, Bram Stoker, and Samuel Beckett.

The abundance of culture experienced on our senior tours of Ireland is inspiring, with Dublin remaining high on the literary pilgrim's wish list, while traditional Irish music in Killarney will keep your foot tapping. Cities like Belfast and Dublin have their culture quarters that remain lively with pubs providing excellent nightlife and galleries to spend long periods of the days in. Our senior tours of Ireland also touches on the literary achievements of isolated communities off the Kerry coast.

Ireland is known as one of the most rural countries within the European Union, and as such getting out of the cities is essential. The Ring of Kerry is a road which is a perfect example of the medley of geographic majesty that is contained here. From the massive peak of Carrauntoohil, to the amalgamation of the sheer cliffs and sandy beaches around the Dingle Peninsula, this trip won't fall short in mystifying us.

The Ring of Kerry includes some of Ireland's most spectacular scenery, including Dingle Bay, Ireland's highest mountain, Carrauntoohil, Moll's Gap, Ladies' View and the world-famous Lakes of Killarney.

Further north, the Dingle Peninsula is home to more superb coastal scenery with a variety of beaches, mountains, and countryside. There is no other landscape in western Europe with the density and variety of archaeological monuments as the Dingle Peninsula.

This mountainous finger of land which juts into the Atlantic Ocean has supported various tribes and populations for almost 6,000 years. Because of the peninsula's remote location, and lack of specialised agriculture, there is a remarkable preservation of over 2,000 monuments.

As one explores further north the landscape continues to become more dramatic. The Cliffs of Moher are massive dark cliffs that rise from the Atlantic to heights over 200 m (656 feet), while the masses of basalt columns that form stepping stones of Giant's Causeway amount to approximately 40,000 columns reaching up to over 12 m (40 feet) in height.

For the traveller who enjoys a castle with their view, the Dunluce Castle is where the limestone cliffs of the White Rocks end abruptly against a dark basalt outcrop.


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