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24 days from Guam to Apia

This South Pacific Explorer Tour has an itinerary like no other -- 100% unique! We explore an amazing array of islands in the South Pacific,…


More About Guam

If Guam travel tours feel thousands of miles away from the mainland of the United States of America, it is because it is. Six thousand miles (over 10,000km) from the nearest USA mainland coastal city, Guam is a country that boasts it is where America's day begins.

Found within the Pacific Ocean, halfway between Hawaii and South East Asia, resting just east of the International Date Line, during Guam travel tours you will discover that despite being an American territory, the historical and cultural ties to Micronesia remain strong.

Nearly 2,100 islands make up Micronesia, with Guam being the largest of them all. Although at only 30 miles (50km) long and 12 miles (19km) wide, it isn't a large island compared to the rest of the world. As well as being the southernmost island in the Mariana Islands archipelago, it is a melting pot of Asian, European, Pacific Rim and American cultures.

First discovered by people from southeastern Indonesia around 2,000 BC, most of what is known about pre-contact settlement comes from legends, archaeological evidence, missionary accounts, and observations from visiting scientists.

With its strategic location in the Pacific Ocean, this territory of the United States has been claimed and conquered by many different nations throughout its long history.

Claimed for Spain in 1565, and then later colonized by the Spanish beginning in 1668 as the island was in perfect position to become a resting place for Spanish traders for three centuries until after the Spanish-American war when Guam came under US authority.

Our Guam travel tours showcase several sites that show the interconnected history with America, many of which highlight their role in the devastating War of the Pacific during WWII. Three days after the bombing of Pearl Harbour, Guam was seized by the Japanese and remained occupied by the Japanese army until 1944.

In the two battles for Guam, over 20,000 casualties died during a land and sea campaign. In the present day, Guam remains a heavily militarized country with nearly one third of its landmass being dedicated to US military purposes.

Beyond the military, our Guam travel tours showcase a world of outstanding natural beauty. Shaped by volcanic activity millions of years ago, much of the landscape is dominated by grassy hills, deep jungle ravines, and miles of coastline with pristine waters and colourful coral reefs.

For thousands of years the Chamorro people have been calling this beautiful land their home. Overlooking Apra Harbour is Orote Point, the location of one of the first recorded sites of human settlement in the Mariana Islands.

Archaeologists calculate that over 3,500 years ago, people used Orote Point for subsistence living. These days the Chamorro keep their culture alive with music and dancing notable fixtures of market gatherings as well as a pride in agricultural practices.

The crown in the Chamorro archeology sites is the Latte Stone Park with basalt or limestone Latte stone pillars believed to have provided the support to ancient Chamorro houses built as early as 500 AD.

Despite gorgeous scenery and fascinating history, Guam remains off the beaten track and is a place best explored by the intrepid and curious.


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