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BU1 Bulgaria Tour

8 days from Sofia to Sofia

Our Bulgaria tour reveals a land with a turbulent history that stretches back to the 7th century, a diverse topography of great beauty and an…

RO2 Romania & Bulgaria Tour

15 days from Bucharest to Sofia

Before setting foot in these two countries found in Eastern Europe, it would be easy to confuse them as quite similar. Both are lands with a…

HU3 Hungary, Romania & Bulgaria Tour

23 days from Budapest to Sofia

Hungary, Romania & Bulgaria Tour from Adventures Abroad: Budapest, Hungary, is the first port of call on this journey through the varied landscapes…

SL4 Slovakia, Hungary, Romania & Bulgaria Tour

28 days from Bratislava to Sofia

Bounties in the Slovak Republic lie copious and abundant and we need the best part of a week on our Slovakia, Hungary, Romania & Bulgaria Tour to…

CZ5 Czech Republic, Slovak Republic, Hungary, Romania & Bulgaria Tour

35 days from Prague to Sofia

Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary, Slovak & Czech Republic Tour from Adventures Abroad: This epic, 35-day extravaganza of a tour is the ultimate showcase of…


More About Bulgaria

In the far southeast of Europe lies a country with golden sandy beaches, misty forested peaks, bustling cities and ruins that date back to Roman times. Bulgaria tours show a country once a cultural hub during medieval times, re emerging as one of Europe's top up and coming destinations.

Set between Turkey, Greece, Serbia, Macedonia, Romania and the Black Sea, the earliest inhabitants of Bulgaria arrived during the neolithic period. However, significant findings of the Varna people (5th Century BCE) in the Varna Necropolis, credits Bulgaria with the oldest found production of gold coins, weapons and jewelry in a treasure that dates back 6,000 years.

Situated at a crossroads of civilizations, Bulgaria has been invaded by many great empires including the Romans, Ottomans, and Persians. The capital Sofia is one of Europe'™s oldest cities with evidence suggesting it was settled 7,000 years ago. More than 250 historic archaeological and architectural monuments have been preserved in Sofia which is the center of the country's political and cultural life. The Roman ruin at the St George Rotunda is the oldest building in Sofia, founded in the 4th century, followed by the St Sofia Church built in the 5th century and inspiring the name of the city.

Outside the city, more Roman ruins can be found at the Roman Amphitheatre of Plovdiv, situated in the Plain of Thrace. Nowadays a fertile agricultural region, the plain has a stunning backdrop of the Sredna Gora mountains to the north and west; the Rhodopes, Sakar and Strandzha to the south; and the Black Sea to the east.

The ideal conditions for growing roses exists in this region, with the Valley of the Roses producing 70% of the world's rose extract here. Across Bulgaria there are seven mountain ranges which create craggy peaks often with hilltop fortresses overlooking vast swaths of forests.

After the rise of the Bulgarian Empire in the 7th century, many facets of modern Bulgarian appeared. Firstly, the empire adopted Eastern Orthodox Christianity, which spurred the building of churches across the country. Many beautiful golden domed churches and wooden carvings appeared in the centuries that followed.

The ever constant threat of invasion led to many fortresses being built, including at Veliko Turnovo, the once the capital of Bulgaria (1185-1396). Our Bulgaria tours explore the fortress walls and palaces that are perched among the steep cliffs of the Yantra Gorge above the River Yantra.

Escaping the conflicts, many monasteries were established across the country as a safe refuge. Bulgarian frescoes in monasteries such as those at Rila Monastery and Troyan Monastery are unsurpassed in their beauty.

During the Ottoman occupation of Bulgaria, Christians were tolerated, however, heavily taxed therefore many Christians fled to the thick forests that dominate the hilly landscapes.

Unfortunately, as time went on so did the conflicts. Wars were waged within the Balkans, with Russia, siding with the Germans in WWII and ultimately becoming under the Soviet sphere of influence after the war. Finally hosting elections in 1990, Bulgaria has since joined the EU in 2007.

With such a multilayered history, Bulgaria tours offer a unique blend of European superpowers that are distinctly Bulgarian.


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