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BP1 Bolivia, Paraguay, Argentina & Uruguay Tour

20 days from La Paz to Montevideo

The development of this Bolivia, Paraguay, Argentina & Uruguay tour was the initiative of Tour Leader, Casey Miller, and past travellers who wanted…

EP12 Ecuador, Peru & Bolivia Tour

28 days from Quito to La Paz

Nestled in the shadows of the Pichincha volcano high in the Andes, Ecuador's capital city, Quito, boasts a wealth of attraction and a natural…

EP13 Ecuador, Peru & Bolivia Tour

32 days from Quito to La Paz

Pristine tropical jungle, exotic flora and teeming fauna serve as the most picturesque introduction to South America, as we begin our 36-day Ecuador,…

PE2 Peru & Bolivia Tour

14 days from Lima to La Paz

Landing in Lima, once dubbed 'City of Kings' by Spanish conquistadors, we begin our Peru & Bolivia Tour, a 14-day adventure through western and…

PE6 Peru And Bolivia Tours

17 days from Lima to La Paz

Few places in the world offer the type of jaw-dropping scenery that serves as a backdrop for such a rich cultural experience as Peru and Bolivia…

PQ10 Peru, Bolivia & Ecuador Tour

28 days from Lima to Guayaquil

Lima, or 'The City of the Kings' as it was dubbed by Spanish conquistadors, is a city that enjoys world-renowned fame for its abundant attractions…

PQ11 Peru, Bolivia & Ecuador Tour

31 days from Lima to Guayaquil

Peru's capital city was once called 'The City of Kings' by Spanish conquistadors and it is here that we begin our 28-day Peru, Bolivia & Ecuador Tour…

PQ12 Peru, Bolivia & Ecuador Tour

32 days from Lima to Quito

Home to more than one-third of the country's population, Lima is the must-see commercial and cultural hub of Peru and we take the initial couple of…

PQ13 Peru, Bolivia & Ecuador Tour

35 days from Lima to Quito

Our South America tour packages are truly bucket list experiences and this tour features a number of iconic sights including a flight over the…


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Our tours to Bolivia are a great way for travellers to start a trip in South America.


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