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Our Caribbean tours are among our most popular offerings! The entire region of the Caribbean is steeped in colonial history, and these beach-ringed…


More About Barbados

For those that have never been, the mention of Barbados conjures up images of powdery sand beaches and turquoise Caribbean waters beckoning one to bathe in. With a reputation as a honeymoon destination, travellers on our Barbados tours know that there is far more to this postcard perfect island paradise. The entire region of the Caribbean is steeped in colonial history, and these beach-ringed islands are home to many historical surprises.

Sometimes referred to as 'Little England,' Barbados doesn'™t bear the same signature look of that of the UK. No little red phone booths can be found on their cobblestone streets, however, a long history with the British Empire has left influences on this tiny Commonwealth nation.

Bridgetown, the UNESCO-listed capital city, was once the hub of trade for the British Empire in the region and was a fortified port town and an entrepot for goods, especially sugar, and enslaved persons destined for Barbados and the rest of the Americas.

Our Barbados tours take a drive out of the capital to better explore the most easterly of the Caribbean Islands and Lesser Antilles. The rolling landscapes feature scattered, brightly coloured villages in between fields of sugarcane with historical plantation houses and crumbling sugar mills.

Lush vegetation gives way to historic signal stations, established across the country to better secure Barbados and are a sign of just how important this country was in the British colonial system. Built in 1818, Gun Hill Signal Station stands at 700 feet above sea level and affords one of the most panoramic views of the island.

Gardens such as Andromeda Botanic Gardens, located in the parish of St Joseph, a fragrant, visual and horticultural delight covering six acres. Anthony Hunte's masterpiece garden is located in a sinkhole in the center of Barbados' rainforest. Thanks to such an interesting location, the gardens offers a multidimensional experience, with vigorous plants densely growing on many levels makes it one of the most beautiful spots on the island.

An island surrounded by coastal wonders, Barbados's East Coast Road is hemmed by crashing Atlantic waves and is one of the island's most exciting drives we take in on our Barbados tours.

The rugged coastal route overlooks treacherous reefs where giant coral boulders, which have broken away from ancient coral reefs over thousands of years, offer striking photographic opportunities. The golden and white sand beaches allude to the firm position Barbados has as a relaxing holiday destination.

Looking at the fishing villages that edge these idyllic beaches, it is only reasonable to expect an interesting culinary scene. Dining in local establishments, we'™ll learn that despite British influence, West Indian culture has infused itself in the cuisine as well as music. Try a flying fish, the national dish, or indulge in a rum made on the island like that of The Plantation, a British built residence erected only 30 years after Barbados'™ settlement in 1627, but now a producer of award-winning rum.

Far more than just an island paradise, come discover the many sides of Barbados with friendly locals whose smile is brighter than that of the endless sunshine that shines down on this island.


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