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St. Paul in the Sanctuary of St. Publius

Saint Paul in Malta

In his latest blog post, Dale Dunlop, The Maritime Explorer, searches for evidence of Saint Paul in Malta. If you are interested in dates and prices for this trip please check out our 6 DAY MALTA TOUR.

In the last post, our Adventures Abroad group led by Victor Romagnoli and local guide Chantelle Shaw visited the enigmatic cart track markings at Clapham Junction and came away no closer to the truth than thousands before us. The number of unsolved mysteries associated with this island nation are rapidly piling up. In this post, we are going to be on a little firmer ground as we go in search of evidence of Saint Paul in Malta. We’ll have the Bible as our chief reference source and every word of it is literally the Gospel truth, right? Please join us in a number of places where arguably the most important person in the New Testament after Jesus is known to have proselytized. Continue reading

Three Tritons Fountain

Valletta – Malta’s Tiny, Amazing Capital City

Dale Dunlop, The Maritime Explorer, gives an intriguing insight into Valletta – Malta’s tiny, amazing capital city. If you are interested in dates and prices for this trip please check out our 6 DAY MALTA TOUR

In the last post from our whirlwind tour of Malta with Adventures Abroad, we took a boat cruise around Marsamxett and Grand Harbour getting a close up view of the famous forts that the Knights of St. John used to repel the Great Siege of Malta in 1565. It was a great way to start the trip and introduced us to Jean de Valette, the Grand Master of the order at the time of the siege and the principal architect of the successful defense. In this post, we’ll visit the Maltese capital of Valletta which was also the brainchild of this man and his enduring legacy to the world. Please join our small, but mighty group as we take a walking tour of this World Heritage Site. Continue reading


Malta Tour – An Introduction

Today we welcome back Dale Dunlop for his first blog post since joining us back on tour post-pandemic in Malta. Join Dale of The Maritime Explorer as he recounts his return to group travel with Adventures Abroad on our Malta tour. If you are interested in dates and prices for this trip please check out our 6 DAY MALTA TOUR

It’s been seventeen months since we said au revoir to our friend and Adventures Abroad guide Victor Romagnoli at the airport in Belize, little thinking or knowing that the world of travel was about to change irrevocably. Like most of the people who travel with Adventures Abroad, Alison and I have an innate desire to experience the wider world both for the thrill of it and more importantly for the understanding and perspective it brings to your own life. Armchair travel is great, but it can never replace the real deal. So while we understood and agreed that the Covid lockdown was absolutely necessary, that did not mean that we didn’t also have a great sense of frustration in not being able to travel internationally. After we were fully vaccinated, I was in regular communication with the folks at Adventures Abroad hoping that they would finally announce a guaranteed tour somewhere, anywhere. So when we learned that Victor would be leading a short tour to Malta we jumped on board immediately. Writing this post after the trip, I can say without reservation that it was the right decision and the right place to go. Here’s why. Continue reading