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Ecuador Galapagos Islands Tortoise

Ecuador Tours – Experience the Galapagos Islands

There’s no doubt the most popular part of our Ecuador tours are the Galapagos Islands, but they’re far from mainland Ecuador, at around 1,000 kilometres west of this South American country.

Ecuador Galapagos Islands Tortoise

The tortoises living on the Galapagos Islands are the largest species on Earth, growing up to 900+ pounds and live 100+ years!

This natural marvel consists of an archipelago of hundreds of islands, with 12 of them being quite large, and the rest being fragmented volcanic islands. Charles Darwin’s visit of 1835 brought international attention to the island, which is an absolute must-see for anyone who loves wildlife. The Galapagos were the inspiration for his early theories of evolution and his book On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection. Continue reading

Hacienda Zuleta Ecuador

Accommodation Spotlight: Hacienda Zuleta, Ecuador

Set in the breathtaking Andes Mountains of South America, Hacienda Zuleta has a history dating back to the 16th century. Located approximately 9,600 feet (2,800 metres) above sea level, this beautiful hotel is a short two hour trip north of Ecuador’s capital, Quito.

Hacienda Zuleta EcuadorHacienda Zuleta has been owned by the family of former Ecuadorean president Galo Plaza Lasso for 100+ years, and is actually a colonial working farm with more than 2,000 hectares of land. This gem of a hotel has been named as one of Ecuador’s best by National Geographic Traveler magazine, and by Outside magazine as one of this planet’s Top Ten Finds. Continue reading