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Convento de San Francisco de Asis tower Trinidad Cuba

Cuba Guided Tours – Cultural, Historical, Interpersonal Adventure

This large Caribbean island, sixteenth largest on Earth, and the largest in the Caribbean, our Cuba guided tours explore a country blessed with beautiful beaches, friendly people and interesting colonial architecture. Due to western sanctions, much of Cuba’s vehicle fleet seems frozen in the 1950s.

Convento de San Francisco de Asis tower Trinidad Cuba guided tours

The tower and Museo de la Lucha contra Banditos at Convento de San Francisco de Asis is a popular stop for visitors to Trinidad, Cuba.

While Cuba’s white sand beaches, warm turquoise waters contribute to making it a top destination for beach enthusiasts, venturing inland reveals deep valleys, spectacular mountains covered in thick, lush forests, amazing wildlife and cascading waterfalls. Continue reading

Bicycle Cuba

Cuba Travel: Photo Tour Of A Charming Caribbean Island

As we landed in Havana for a small group tour of Cuba, almost every member of our group was there to see it ‘before it changes’. Frozen in time, Cuba’s charm is unwavering throughout the country.

Bicycle Cuba

After decades of embargo, Cubans have had to draw on their creativity and resourcefulness to thrive. Bikes are an important mode of transportation in the country and there’s even a Canadian charity, Bikes for Cuba, that ships bicycles, bike parts and bicycle safety gear to the country. Credit: R Kristensen

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