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Our Colombia tours are becoming more and more popular every year. Colombia has put a lot of its troubles in the past, and is coming into its own as a popular tourist destination. In our Colombia travel blog posts we detail the rich history and culture of this fascinating country in South America.
Travellers from around the world are discovering the breadth of travel experiences in Colombia, from the colonial heritage and 80+ indigenous tribes, to delicious cuisine and coffee culture.
There is a strong Catholic tradition in Colombia, with many interesting churches, not least of which is the Catedral de Sal, or Salt Cathedral of Zipaquira. A trip to Colombia is sure to be memorable, and you will certainly fall in love with the warm, friendly Colombian people.

Cathedral of St. Catherine Cartagena Colombia

Cartagena – Colombia’s Fantastic Caribbean Colonial City, Part II

What to see, do, and eat in Cartagena? All valid questions! Luckily we have Dale from The Maritime Explorer who has recently returned from an Adventures Abroad trip to Colombia and is kind enough to share his insights with our readers. 

Cartagena Colombia old town clock tower Torre Del Reloj

Old town Cartagena’s clock tower, or Torre Del Reloj.

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Palenque de San Basilio – The First Freed African-American Settlement

Sometimes the most impactful parts of the journey are getting off the beaten path and discovering what real life is like. We’re excited to share the next chapter from Dale of The Maritime Explorer on our Colombia and Panama tour.  Check out this link for more info on this Colombia tour.

Benkos Bioho statue Cartagena

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Jardin Colombia – Hard to Get To, But Worth the Effort

Like many places, the road less travelled is often rewarding. Tucked away in the Colombian heartlands, Jardin is a similar town that is hard to reach but easy to love. Many thanks to Dale of the Maritime Explorer for sharing his experiences in this small town with us after joining a recent Colombia tour.  We hope you enjoy his post as much as we do. 

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Plaza de Bolivar Bogota Colombia

Botero Museum – Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder

Not every piece of art is beautiful to every person. But it almost always can invoke some sort of emotion and usually, a conversation. We’re pleased to present a blog written by Dale of The Maritime Explorer on a recent tour to Colombia with a stop at the Botero Museum. Thanks for sharing with us Dale!

Plaza de Bolivar Bogota Colombia

Bogota’s Plaza de Bolivar’s first building dates back to 1539 and was a primitive cathedral.

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La Candelaria Bogota Colombia street art woman

La Candelaria – Where Bogota was Born and Street Art Reigns Supreme – Colombia tour.

Have you ever took the time to appreciate the street art while travelling? On a recent Colombia tour, we did just that. In another instalment from a wonderful trip to Colombia, we join Dale from The Maritime Explorer as he describes the street art encountered on his travels through Bogota.  We hope in sharing his blog written from a recent departure, you enjoy this piece as much as we do.

La Candelaria Bogota Colombia street art woman

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Monserrate – Bogota’s Sacred Mountain and Top Attraction

Time for another wonderful installment from a member of our recent trip to Colombia. Written by travel writer Dale Dunlop who joined our intrepid group on a remarkable exploration early 2018. 

Sanctuary of Monserrate Bogota Colombia

The Sanctuary of Monserrate is a Catholic Shrine located in Bogota, Colombia, and built between 1650 and 1657. If you’d like to visit, it’s possible to walk the 1.5 miles to the top of the mountain. If that sounds too strenuous, it’s possible to take the funicular or a cable car.

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