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Valparaiso Chile street art graffiti girl

An Introduction to Street Art in South America

As a matter of artistic expression, it’s hard to not enjoy the colourful street art that has begun to take over the cities of South America. What possibly started as a political protest and was once thought of as a burden, many Latin American cities have embraced the murals and dedicated districts for the artists to create.  No longer just a tag of a name or graffiti of something illegible here is a list of a few cities with an incredible array of expression that is hard not to admire.

Valparaiso Chile street art graffiti

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Oia Santorini Greece church arch cross

Top 3 Travel Destinations For Seniors

It’s a big wide world out there and sometimes the hardest part of taking a trip is deciding where to go. As a lifelong learner, you know you want to travel somewhere with history and learn about a culture that is completely foreign to your own.

Oia Santorini Greece church arch cross

The village of Oia on Greece’s island of Santorini, with its blue roofs, beautiful hillside setting and the amazing Aegean Sea as a backdrop, is one of Greece’s top tourist spots.

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Iguazu Falls from the Brazil side

The Best of Brazil Tour – A Quick Photo Journey

As the world changes, so do our tours. We’ve recently improved our best of Brazil tour, allowing more time to explore and enjoy the top sights. Our first run at the improved version ran in February and was hailed a success. Despite venturing to Brazil in what was supposed to be the rainy season, our group was gifted with sunny skies the entire trip.

Amazon River cruise Brazil

The Amazon River is a dominant force in South America. This river, the world’s largest by discharge, averages a discharge of 209,000 cubic metres per second! In one year, it averages approximately 6,590 cubic kilometres! The Amazon drains an area of just over 7 million square kilometres, out of South America’s area of 17.8 million square km.

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