Mayan Pyramid of the Magician Uxmal Mexico

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The Yucatan peninsula juts out into the warm waters of the Caribbean, and our Yucatan tours show the beauty, history, cuisine and culture of Mexico and Belize, the two countries whose territory is part of it.

Mayan Pyramid of the Magician Uxmal Mexico

The Mayan Pyramid of the Magician is located in Uxmal, Mexico. This impressive pyramid is 131 feet tall, and was rediscovered in the early 1800s.

You’ll have the opportunity to explore ancient Mayan temples, swim in the Caribbean’s turquoise waters, lined with gorgeous, and seemingly endless, white sand beaches. Our Yucatan tours begin in Mexico and finish in Belize.

The tour starts at the ruins of Chichen Itza, originally a Mayan archaeological site, it includes ruins of the later Toltec civilization too. The Mayans are thought to have settled in the Yucatan as far back as 2,600 BC. By 250 BC their culture was thriving, and the empire stretched throughout Central America. We also have small private tours of some of the area’s most important sites.

Another highlight of our Yucatan tours is Uxmal, an abandoned city the Mayans would actually repeatedly return to over time. The gem of this archaelogical site is the Palace of the Governor, which many people consider the most beautiful Mayan structure in Central America, with its geometric friezes constructed with 20,000 hand-cut stones.

The ancient Mayan city of Coba is massive, and contains the tallest Mayan pyramid on the Yucatan peninsula at 137 feet, and the second tallest Mayan pyramid on Earth.

The Mayans appreciated seaside real estate, and you can see their temples perched high on the cliffs, overlooking the beautiful Caribbean at Tulum. Our Yucatan tours finish at Lamanai in Belize, the Mayan ceremonial capital, thought to date back to 1,500 BC.

While ancient history forms an important part of our Yucatan tours, it is set in a picturesque landscape, whether you’re deep in the jungle, cruising a crystal clear river with its banks lined with soaring hardwood trees, bromeliads and orchids, or sitting on a perfect white sand beach under the palms. The Yucatan’s waterways host thousands of migrating birds, with rare examples like the Jabiru stork, but also snowy egrets, tiger herons, kites and ospreys.

Once back in to civilization, our Yucatan tours reveal charming colonial towns, Merida being a fine example, with its old world and Moorish inspired designs. The local markets of these towns have an energy all their own, and you will have plenty of opportunities to sample the tasty cuisine of Belize and Mexico, where fresh local seafood features prominently, and fruit might just be picked off the tree you passed on the way in.

Our Yucatan tours are sure to be memorable experiences, as you explore the region’s fascinating ancient cultures, appreciate its immense natural beauty, enjoy the tasty cuisine and friendly locals.

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