Tikal Guatemala Mayan Temple Petén Province

Central America Tours – A Tale of Two Oceans

Often overlooked in the past, Central America tours are becoming increasingly popular. And why not? Central America has so much to offer travellers!

Tikal Guatemala Mayan Temple Petén Province Central America tours

Found deep in the jungle of Guatemala’s Petén Province is the ancient Mayan archeological site of Tikal, with its steep-sided stone temples. Tikal National Park is a UNESCO World Heritage Centre.

Its geography varies from beautiful white sand beaches, to almost lunar, volcanic landscapes, to thick jungles which occasionally reveal their treasures in ancient Mayan and Aztec ruins. There are likely still ruins hidden deep in Central American jungles, waiting to be discovered!

With Central America being a relatively thin ribbon of land connecting North and South America, this accident of geology is a gift. Many countries in Central America have coastlines on the beautiful, azure waters in the Caribbean, but also a coastline on the mighty Pacific Ocean.

Between these two bodies of water, sits Central America, rich in biodiversity, fascinating flora and fauna, incredibly varied topography, not to mention the unique customs and intriguing cultures.

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