Main Feature – Islands, Islands And More Islands!

 Many of our tours have visited or have featured islands — Greece’s Cyclades, Sicily, New Zealand, Japan, Cuba and Iceland to name just a few — but we are particularly pleased with the popularity and success of new trips that feature multiple island nations or island groups in one regional itinerary.


Most of these new trips are 100% unique, and often include remote difficult-to-reach locations and air / sea connections that would be extremely challenging to organize on one’s own.

Owing to the experience and knowledge of our Tour Leaders and head office operations personnel, we are proud to offer some of the industry’s most creative and sought after programs including a vast diversity of places you’ve always wanted to visit, or places you maybe haven’t even heard of!

Island nations and cultures worldwide have always faced unique challenges involving access to food and fresh water and other resources, the lack of economic and employment opportunities, and the stresses of sheer isolation and remoteness from the rest of the world, or even from neighbours relatively nearby.

In many, if not most cases, island peoples have developed a pronounced resilience and a unique and creative approach to life and death. The mother of necessity has also led to an astonishing array of adaptations and solutions to everyday problems, as well as myriad mythologies and belief systems intended to provide comfort and a means to understanding their unique place in a vast and often hostile world.

For 2016/17 we are pleased to offer the following special journeys:

  • The South Pacific Tour MCSP | 24 DaysDetails  SECOND 2016 DATE ADDED
  • Islands of the Indian Ocean Tour MCIO | 22 DaysDetails  THREE SPOTS LEFT (2016)
  • The Channel Islands Tour IL3 | 15 DaysDetails
  • Scotland’s Northern Isles & the Faroes Tour JHSF | 11 DaysDetails
  • The Channel Islands, Scottish Isles & Faroes Tour JHCF | 25 Days | Details
  • Caribbean Island Explorer 2016 Tour MCCB | 21 Days | Details  SOLD OUT – 2017 DATES TBA
  • Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island & New Brunswick (featuring the Fundy Isles) Tour: AP1 | 14 Days | Departure date: 22 Aug 2016 | Details — Now Available!
  • Newfoundland & Labrador 2017 Tour — Led by Jonathan Hodgson JHNL — Available Soon

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