Focus On The Balkans

 The Balkan region of Eastern Europe has emerged as one of our most popular sources of new tour itineraries. It has also become the locus of some of our most popular, well-established European favourites.


Gradual improvement of transportation links and tourist infrastructure over the last two decades has opened up this incredibly diverse region, making it perfectly-suited to our style of small-group ‘adventure-with-comfort’.

The Balkans also still offer a relatively attractive value-for-money on a continent known for costly travel. The Balkans is a region that includes countries on the Balkan Peninsula in the southeast of Europe, including most of the former Yugoslavia.

The Balkan Peninsula is, according to some definitions, what lies south of the rivers Sava and Danube from the city of Belgrade. This definition, however, then would rule out part of northern Serbia, known as Vojvodina, a good part of Croatia, Romania and, of course, Slovenia.

Historically, all these countries/regions were usually considered to be part of the Balkan countries, as Slovenia, too, was once part of Yugoslavia.

While lately the very word of Balkans may translate to ethnic strife and civil wars in people’s minds due to the headlines in the last decade of 20th century (and unfortunately, there is some truth in this perception), Balkans, with its rich, though often turbulent history and wonderful nature, offers much more than that.

Charming multicultural towns, impressive monasteries and citadels dotting the hillsides, mighty mountains sprinkled with a liberal dose of beautiful forests and pleasant lakes, and last but not the least a great folk music tradition.

The Balkan Peninsula is one of the last relatively unexplored corners of Europe. But with a wealth of history, cultural and culinary treasures, it won’t be long before the region becomes the next travel hotspot.

Our most popular Balkans trips:

AD1, Slovenia & Croatia, 17 days – this is our flagship itinerary. We were one of the first small-group tour operators offering comprehensive touring of these two friendly neighbours as early as 1998.

  • Slovenia & Croatia Tour: AD1 | 17 Days | Details

XAD, Croatia & Montenegro ‘Day Hiking in Adriatica’, 14 days –The current king of our ever-popular European series of walking tours, with stunning hikes along mountain paths and along rugged coastlines.

  • Croatia & Montenegro Tour: XAD | 14 Days | Details

AL1, Albania & Macedonia, 14 days – 2015 marks our 20th year of operations in Albania; a lot has changed, but what remains is some of Europe’s prettiest mountain scenery, quaintest villages, most fascinating archaeological sites, and the region’s friendliest people. In 2007 we added Macedonia, one of Europe’s “newest” countries.

  • Albania & Macedonia Tour: AL1 | 14 Days | Details

BK1, Balkan Explorer, 19 days – This is our most comprehensive Balkans itinerary, with no fewer than seven countries covered—the variety over these 19 days is staggering!

  • Balkan Explorer Tour: BK1 | 19 Days | Details

NEW TOUR! GM1, Greece, Macedonia & Kosovo, 15 days – At time of writing, this brand new tour is currently in the field; we’ve been touring these places for years, but this new program ties all three into one tidy 2+ week package that features all the highlights of this culturally rich corner of southern Europe. Next departure already booking for May 2016.

  • Greece, Macedonia & Kosovo Tour: GM1 | 15 Days | Details

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