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    Traveller Testimonial:
    I’d previously travelled with Adventures Abroad and was eager to see Kenya and its wildlife. The balloon trip was excellent; we were blessed with good flying conditions and visibility. Our trip to Samburu village was highly informative and the Serena Mountain Lodge walk was just amazing.
    -Howard Povey   Tour KE1: Kenya (’Out of Africa’)

    In the minds of many, the east African country of Kenya is synonymous with spectacular safaris and vast and wild desert regions, which, although accurate, are preconceptions that don’t do justice to what Kenya has to offer. Kenya is safari, but it is also much more.

    The reputation of Kenya as one of the prime locations on the globe to view exotic creatures of all varieties is well earned—from big cats, crocodiles and wildebeest, to elephants, rhinos and zebras; Kenya is home to the types of remarkable animal that fascinate children and adults alike when they read about them in books. True, it is possible to catch a glimpse of them through a mesh of metal at the local zoo, but to see them in their natural habitat in Kenya is to appreciate fully their magnificence and grace. Flights of the imagination could never do justice to a teeming, writhing mass of a herd of migrating wildebeest on the Kenyan plains and neither could it come close to encapsulating the heart-pounding and furious pursuit between a ravenous cheetah and its prey; these are things that have to be seen to be believed and Kenya is the perfect place to do it. But, however unforgettable these sights may be, they won’t be the only lasting memories after a tour here.

    Our tours are the ideal way to explore fully the abundance of natural and cultural wonders to be found in East Africa.

    The Kenyan landscape provides the ideal backdrop for viewing the country’s awesome and diverse wildlife, as the glorious setting only enhances the traveller’s experiences. It is true that the majority of the country is dominated by arid desert regions, but Kenya is also home to massive snow-crowned mountains, and the second highest peak in Africa after Mount Kilimanjaro, which stands at a whopping 5,199 metres: Mount Kenya. It is unexpected to many that the equatorial territory can sustain both uncompromising heat and this contrasting frigidness, but most agree that viewing these polar opposites in one locale adds to the wonder and beauty of the country. Everyone who has been there recommends embarking on a tour to Kenya to view the dozen or so glaciers that cascade between the crests. However, if a more hospitable climate is sought after, there are always the tropical paradises that lie on the coastline, where it is possible to recline near the lapping waters of the Indian Ocean off the Kenyan coast.

    Kenya’s most notable city is Nairobi, which serves as the capital. One of the most remarkable features of Nairobi is its blending of cultures; the traveller is exposed to some of the ancient traditions and primitive lifestyle of the millennia-old nation, while at the same time having access to modern-day amenities. Indeed, unlike many of its African neighbours, Kenya, and Nairobi in particular, allows travellers to purchase much the same things as can be found in Europe or the Americas.

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