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    Traveller Testimonial:
    I particularly liked our stop at Szentendre on the way to Eger. It’s a charming little village with a museum of a little-known sculptor called Margrit Kovac. Her collection is stunningly unique and touchingly beautiful, unlike anything I’ve seen. I thoroughly enjoyed this visit and I can say so for the rest of the group as well.
    -Berta Pires   Tour HU2: Hungary & Romania (Eastern European Adventurer)

    Before the territory became known as Hungary, as it did in 1000AD, a number of Germanic tribes including the Huns, as well as the nomadic Eurasian Avars, the Franks, the Bulgars and the Magyars, all entered into the region and made efforts to sustain a prolonged possession over the territory. After its creation, the country of Hungary suffered various incursions from the Tatars, the Turks, the Romans, the Russians and the Hapsburgs over a millennium, often incorporating elements of each foreign culture into its own. Today the culture not only reflects its long history of influence from outsiders, but also exhibits a diversity that mirrors its blend of Magyar, German, Croatian, Serbian and Romanian peoples that constitute its population. To explore the culture of Hungary is to explore not one, but an amalgamation of many cultures, which makes for a fascinating and highly educational tour.

    Boasting over 2,000 hours of sunshine a year, Hungary is overshadowed by no other European territory when it comes to catering to the sun-worshipper and neither does it pale in significance when it comes to scenery. There is a bountiful landscape between the borders of Hungary, from the high peaks of the cave-riddled Bukk Hills region to the fertile lowlands of the Great Hungarian plain, where the indigenous horsemen- the Hungarian versions of cowboys-don their traditional dress and tend to their herds and perform for visitors.

    By far, the most popular destination when touring the Central European country is the dynamic capital city of Budapest, and understandably so, but travellers who choose to venture beyond the city limits are rewarded in spades. The UNESCO-designated World Heritage Site of Holloko, or “Raven Rock,” is one destination not to be missed on a tour exploring the more rural face of the country and is considered by many to be Hungary’s most beautiful town.

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